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August 02, 2017
Well I have been breaking websites a lot recently!Each time I create a support ticket, it's resolved in RAPID time.I'm talking <10 minutes.This is one of the things I LOVE about being at WA.I can break all my websites, and they will always have a daily backup, and they will always be fixed by the amazing support team!I had a site on Hostgator hosting once, and I totally broke it. that was the end of that site!I'll try not to break anymore sites, but it's great to know we have top notch suppo
June 20, 2017
Wow, time flies!I have learned so much as a premium Member here at WA - I couldn't imagine life without it.I don't blog here much at WA, but I try to keep up the work on my website and put out new content as often as possible.I work full time from home which means I have more time to focus on things, that is, when my Amazon business isn't keeping me busy at least anyway!How long have you been a Premium member at WA? Was it a decision you made wholeheartedly and for life?To me, WA feels like a l
November 26, 2016
Yesterday I had my second biggest commission, it appears somebody took advantage of the Black Friday sale at WA, which resulted in a commission of $119!I have been so busy lately with my Ecommerce (I see on eBay and Amazon), but I have been doing what I can with my Internet Marketing. I started using Bing Ads to promote WA, and I am really enjoying that.I must say I do like automated income which Internet marketing brings, it's a different kind of income to selling online. But I just love doing
September 09, 2016
What a great way to wake up, an email from WA waiting in my Inbox telling me I made $168 while I was asleep!My biggest single commission yet. The feeling is great and it just reinforces my belief in Wealthy Affiliate and the teachings.It took a while to get to where I am, I have been in WA over a year now. But the one thing I will not do, is GIVE UP.SO if you are new here and struggling to make any money, my message to you is simple. KEEP AT IT!Success does not come all at once, it is gradual,
This month I have made another 3 sales so far. 2 WA monthly commissions, plus I sold another item through my Amazon affiliate site as well!My Amazon niche site is growing quite well, the traffic to the site is over double what it was this time last month!I must say it is encouraging to see the results of my labour, the WA commissions are a nice residual monthly income, no matter how small.It is when results start, the true addiction sets in!If you have yet to see results, DON'T GIVE IN! Keep go
My latest Site had just brought home a whopping £2.32 from a purchase through Amazon! This is the first Real Random Commission I have made with Amazon (The first being a friend's purchase - although still legitimate - and still only around £1!).On top of this my Youtube Adsense earnings for May are in excess of £60 as well - this was my first earning from Youtube Adsense, and I got lucky in a way by having a very popular Keyword ranked on Youtube several times on page one. It
Okay so I have been away for a bit.Main reason is the WEATHER! In the UK it is rare that we get such a large and sustained amount of Sunshine. I would not be a Human being if I did not capitalise on it - instead of staying in staring at my PC (like I do most of the time when it's raining).My hobbies demand being out in the sunshine, so I have had chance to get out and do what I love, quite a lot recently.Today is the first day it has rained in well over 2 weeks, and this weekend it will rain a
April 27, 2016
So, following putting a video on Youtube a month ago warning people of an online Scam - My daily traffic just keeps on increasing!One of the videos has amassed over 7,000 views so far, and is directing a good amount of traffic to my Blog.As a result, I am getting numerous daily comments on both my Blog and my Youtube Channel. Not to mention daily opt-ins to my email list, which I have links for in my Youtube video descriptions and on my website.I am also getting daily referrals into WA.I must s
Well a few days ago i created a new website on a whim based on a popular TV show - Game of Thrones!I don't watch a lot of TV but I do like GOT. Season 6 starts on April 24th, so the internet will be full of fans wanting the latest news.I figured, why not create a site about it and try make some money too?I plan to post regularly with any news regarding the show, using low competition/high traffic keywords.I have a few Amazon ads up, and plan to Ad sense it too.Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Tak
Okay, so recently I did an article and 3 Youtube Videos exposing an online scam.Little did I know these videos would get 1200+ hits in 2 weeks. One of them has had 500+ hits in 5 days.Okay so hardly famous (but it is for me!) but the attention I am getting is largely negative, which is fine, I enjoy a good debate.What I find Amazing, is the denial in these people.They REFUSE to accept the message and will follow this scam company to the end, believing it will give them financial freedom.I know