Google Love - It's A Beautiful Thang!

Last Update: Jan 31, 2019


Hand on the Wheel

You know how you get so focused on your...

  • Keyword research
  • SEO/Meta/Alt Tabs
  • Content Creation and
  • Marketing of your site
  • Etc Etc...

You truly sometimes just forget to see the REULTS of your work.

Just Curious...

Well I was on Jaaxy today and decided to see where my pages ranked with the Keywords used for all of my articles (Never did previously)

Google Mojo....

Well to my Surprise and Joy.... ALL my posts but ONE made...

  • Position 1
  • Page 1

On Google...

That "ONE" that I mentioned that did not position in the First spot did not do so bad either...

  • Position 2
  • Page 1

Just want to share how Valuable Celebrating the little WINS truly are, Especially since what we do is so Solitary in Nature.

  • Stay in the game
  • Stay the course
  • Enjoy the WINS no matter the size...

To the WA Owners and Community


Thanks for the Moment

Recent Comments


Dino, that is great that practically all of your posts have made it to number one. Congrats.

I must admit, you have come up with at least one cool sounding title. (From what I see in the picture.)

Well, if I am going to stay in the game, on my course, I need to get back to working on my draft posts. Instead of pouting that you sent your cold air down here.

Well am in your corner for certain Sondra

But am so sorry for sending you some of this AWFUL weather your way LOL

The only thing that is good about being house locked at -31 degrees of AWFUL

Is that I can just sit and write and do classes ALL DAY

Let me know how your post is coming along

My latest Review is almost in the bag

A little SEO/Images and links and off to the races

Warm thoughts



That's very impressive, congratulations.
Colette and Philip

Thanks so Much, Colette and Philip

A Surprise for certain, Unexpected!!

But after you spend so much time alone, it's those little things that really help the process of Breaking the code to this profession.

I have faith you guys are well?

You still win...Am Still In Dark and COLD Canada LOL

Again Appreciated the comments and for dropping on by...



This is exciting news...congratulations!

Thanks, Nancy

It was a Real Nice Surprise for certain.

More than that just a small WIN from all of the Time you spend ALONE and just getting through the process.

Appreciated your comment again.


It is a solitary job. That makes the WA community all the more special. 🙂

Absolutely Right, Nancy,

it's like being able to reach out and chat even though we are sitting in our offices and being behind our Machines...

Truly a great thing...

That is awesome. Congratulations.

Thanks so much, Micheal

Appreciated brother.


To you and many more
always a better way

Hellos Linda

Great to see you, thanks for the visit,
Truly it was a pleasant surprise for certain

How have you been after the holidays?


It,s been good Dino Good work here happy for you we will be seeing more I am certain of that.
always a better way

Absolutely Linda

Will be putting in the effort, but its all about the "laws of the Harvest"
No way around putting in the time and effort.

Will stay connected

Be well and let's make this year a good one.



sounds great Dino will do if you have a moment go see my latest post just click on my profile picture it will take you there.That is what I do when I haven't seem someone for a while, much easyer to stay in contact that way.

Sounds great will do Linda

Thanks see you there...LOL

Just popped in to see how you are doing Dino it been a while we are know poaching Easter week end. I ran across you on another post and I hadn't seen you around the community or is it me that hasn't been around. any how have a lovely Easter week end
always a better way

Hellos Linda

Great to hear from you

Thanks for reaching out, and you are right have been busy with taking classes and on a project.

As you can see with my rank LOL

But it's important to keep the writing sharp and learning more on that process (ie Editing and Proofreading) as well as the marketing process.

As well as moving forward with the WA Platform.

...will start with my visits again in a bit...

But would like to wish you and yours a great Easter weekend also and stay connected it is truly appreciated and stay blessed...

Cheers Linda

You're awesome


Excellent work and excellent success.


Thanks, my man Danny!

Appreciated greatly brother



You are very welcome Dino. Take care.


Awesome! .... celebrate it all whether big or small! ..... ⭐️🎈

Absolutely right

That's really excellent.

Thanks, Fran

Was really setaback for certain... in a nice way.


Love that thang

Totally Out of Site
Thanks, Rebecca.

Welcome, thanks so much to you. I'm glad for learning how to

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