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Hand on the WheelYou know how you get so focused on your...Keyword researchSEO/Meta/Alt Tabs Content Creation and Marketing of your siteEtc Etc...You truly sometimes just forget to see the REULTS of your work.Just Curious...Well I was on Jaaxy today and decided to see where my pages ranked with the Keywords used for all of my articles (Never did previously)Google Mojo....Well to my Surprise and Joy.... ALL my posts but ONE made... Position 1Page 1On Google...That "ONE" that I mentioned that di
The FB Super HighwayYou are placing ads, sweeping the front sidewalk of your Website store front, minding your own business and following up on the leads you are generating..... all good right?WRONGThe FB Police has decided based on their Algorithmic Bias's to SHUT Your Business Ad Account Down.Now What?..........Are you done?............Have you lost the ability to continue to Advertise on this Super Highway?.........If, you are running your Paid Marketing from This traffic source as your Prim
The Small Wins Along The WayFirst off we all we know it's "Not the destination but the Journey" But with the journey are you enjoying the process?I Think sometimes people forget that we are still living lives DURING the process, for we get so focused on what you have set for yourself as goals, mission statements, visions etc, that we just wave off the small wins along the way. Chasing down your goals- blinders on- focus crystal clear is an absolutely vital tool and necessary if you want to c
What is Cognative Clarity.Or what I like to call "The Game"Based on the way our culture is now, and the speed at which we are receiving Input, it's a wonder to me how anyone can stay focused on tasks at hand or pay attention to their landscapes-Past, Present or Future without being sidetracked by the amount of "Shiny Balls" flashing at us from all directions.The secret to anything but especially in the online world is the ability to Stay Focused on the Prize DAILY and move forward.Have put toge
How to Make Your Writing More Engaging Using The Emotional Word Wheel....We all use words and as online professionals these are part of our tools...Words create images, evoke emotions and cause us to think get inspired and take action. However, HOW we use words will really impact the level and quality of our writing and ultimately the end users experience. Word Wheel and the Words to describe "Emotion" (Pain or Pleasure)The Emotional Word Wheel it is a powerful tool to help you expand on thi
New Paradigm with Social Media...."As of 2017 Facebook is the #1 form of traffic on the web"After spending a number of months and countless hours learning about the Website work world here at WA...Word PressContent writingNiche creationLinks (Pretty Links, Centralization of your linking etc)Proper SEOGoogle Love....(IE Google + and Search console etc), Have also moved into Lead Generation (Led Gen) and FB Ad writing.Have been busy to say the least understanding the world of Social Media Marketi
August 03, 2018
Air Show WeekendWell just came back from a two-day event that was out of town, and about 3 hours drive from my home city of Edmonton to a city called "Cold Lake" Alberta.It caused me to be away from my WA Platform for a few days, but what was so apparent was that even though I was not working was able to get inspired to write this post, based on the "Celebration of Excellence" that was on display by these amazing professional Pilots.Cold lake is the city that houses and carries our shared porti
Back in The SaddleAs I Mentioned before When I started in March 2017 this journey with WA and digital marketing, again from the start stop position in 2012 with an online mentor. (Not WA)Was working on my WA Classes, and was made to stop again due to a "Real Job" that delayed my dreamed of path of a "Laptop" lifestyle in June 2017.So Fast forward to May 2018 and here I am Again like a fighter who will not quite, and have been putting in "Long A##" hours behind my Training, Skills and Tools.Not
"Have you ever heard the phrase (am sure you have), "Do not put all of your EGGS in one BASKET"???? How's about..........."You can be good at ANYTHING but NOT EVERYTHING"?Well lets talk about our careers as "Content Marketers" later in life,(mid 50's) with time NOT as much on your side as you did when you were younger, and every decision you make affects the quality of your future more so than when you were younger.Is it a WISE call to say, "I am doing this, and at this point I will not have a
June 12, 2018
On My Road To "CONTROL"Well here I am, just finished the last of the 10 Lessons in level 2 of the OEC and it has been REALLY enjoyable, Informative, educational and am not going to lie, a little frustrating.It's all about getting the 'Mind set" needed when THINKING the way you should think as this new type of professional, trying to establish the Skill sets needed to operate with competency your own ONLINE Business.For example walking into a magazine store and looking at all the different maga