1:41 minutes to Amazon's success story

Last Update: Mar 22, 2014


A fun video for the weekend, The Amazon Trail!

I've often read, as a way of having members realizing that online business success does not happen overnight, a reference to Amazon's success timeline.

So here is the story, presented in an animated video by Forbes' YouTube Channel.



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Keep moving forward stay focused

That's what it takes for sure!

Just goes to show you, perseverance pays in the end! Inspirational video.

Simple, by true! :)

Nice parents to lend him $300K !!!! Let's do it!

Haha, that's for sure! The only way that would happen is if I ask for 3 dollars, buy a lotto ticket and win 300k +! That IS possible! :)

quite a journey he took, thanks for sharing

That could be us! :)

nice headline and nice video- a litle sketchy on details Princeton/Wall St- became VP- obviously a seriously talented dude...love it, Andy

+ a 300 000$ check doesn't hurt either! ;)

Great share - thanks! ~ Jude

Thanks! Forbes has a bunch of short/fun videos about success.

I agree with Arka!!

Thank you!!!

Not only do I agree with you, but I loved the way you expressed it! Thanks.

100%! Let's do the same!

Superb short story. It shows that when something around you explodes, it is profitable to exploit the oppurtunity.

Absolutely, he was wise enough to sense and seize the opportunity!

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