Don't be stupid like me and follow your dreams!

Last Update: April 07, 2016

Hey everyone, my first post here... After more than 3 years with WA.

I've just completed Course 2 of Online Entrepreneur Certification and decided to write about my progress so far, following the task:)

I spent some time thinking what should I really write here and I finally came out with the headline for this post. Basically, it is the most important thing I have to say. So, don't be stupid (like me) and start working on your website LIKE HELL as soon as you join WA.

Why am I telling this? Because I tried to work BOTH on my website and at my daily 9/6 job, whereas I could STOP making money for someone else and throw in all my passion and efforts into something I love and am passionate about. If I did that, I could've already become completely financially independent and happy. Unfortunately, it has taken me 3 years (actually more) to understand how useless it is to work for someone else and how it gives me nothing but frustration, stress, headaches, almost zero free time and not enough money.

I believe I am not the only one who is just AFRAID to quit his job, because, well, it doesn't "feel right". Please, don't make this mistake and follow your dreams! Start doing what you've always wanted to do! Don't waste your time.

So, what did I do in these 3 years here, at WA? I've actually built my own website, lol. But I did that in the last month and a half, working on it every single day. And that's mostly because I spent too much time trying to make it look as perfect as I could - tinkering with HTML code and such.

What I am trying to say is this: it doesn't take too much time to complete 2 courses of Online Certification - if you are dedicated enough. And how much do you get from it! Not only you create your own online asset, you also find a great number of people who is willing to help you, and a lot of them are passionate about the same things as you are!

What can be more inspiring? That and an ability to earn revenue, doing what you love to do! Speaking of which, I've yet to see any, but that's only because I haven't joined any affiliate program thus far and I am eager to step into the Course 3 to learn how to do it properly.

If you want, check out my Website - it's listed on my profile page.

I am very proud of it, I really put all my love into it and I would really like to know your thoughts on it. Any comments left there is much appreciated and I will do my best to comment on your websites. I also welcome any fellow gamer to follow me and if you ever want to talk about games, you can contact me anytime!

In the following couple of months I am going to really make my website shine and fill it with great content - there are so many things I want to share about games, and so many things are happening in the gaming industry! I also think this year I will finally be able to earn my first penny through my website and when it will be done it will mark a new era in my life and in the life of my family.

To success, everyone, and don't ever give up!

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DeeHesa Premium
I love your website! It is very polished and professional. Your passion shows through. Great article you wrote, very encouraging. I am half way though the second course and needed that inspiration so thank you. D
Dmitriy Premium
Thanks, Dave!
ragdoll69 Premium
GO, Dmitrly!!
Dmitriy Premium
Thank you, Rita!
BVisan Premium
Hi Dmitriy
It's hard to give up your job, I know it. It's harder to work towards your financial freedom when coming back from the day job.
As you said, it all depends on you.
I am confident that now that you decided to work hard on your website, you will get the freedom you want, and it will take less than the time you wasted so far.
Just hang tight to your dreams and make them come true.
I wish you the very best of luck!
Dmitriy Premium
Hi Bogdan and thank you for your kind words! All the best to you, too!
Labman Premium Plus
Great to see you are finally taking some action.
Dmitriy Premium
Thanks, Labman! All the best!