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We all want our sites' content to be Liked, +1'd, Tweeted, Pin'd and shared on social networks. Let's help each other!Put the link to a post/page you'd like to get a "social boost" for in the comments below, and provide a short description of its topic, as not everyone will want to share a post about cakes if they usually write about weight loss :)Also, as always, remember that WA is - first and foremost - an amazing community, where we give at least as much as we hope to receive, so make sure
September 24, 2015
Soooo... I've been thinking about this lately.There are plenty of WA members who are gamers, who are trying to build their online presence in the industry, or are at least interested in video and PC games. I know that, because I have several in my network here, because there are already a few people who periodically leaves comments on my site through "Site Comments" platform. But I think there are quite a bit more gamers here than it seems. It just feels like maybe some of them are not too eage
Hey everyone, my first post here... After more than 3 years with WA.I've just completed Course 2 of Online Entrepreneur Certification and decided to write about my progress so far, following the task:)I spent some time thinking what should I really write here and I finally came out with the headline for this post. Basically, it is the most important thing I have to say. So, don't be stupid (like me) and start working on your website LIKE HELL as soon as you join WA.Why am I telling this? Becaus