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Last Update: April 29, 2020

Thanks to all of you, especially Kyle and VitalyG for this wonderful place. I appreciate you alll more than I can possible express. Much success to all.

I'm cancelling my Wealthy Affiliate subscriptions because this isn't for me. Thanks!

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STCCynthia Premium
Awe, David. You tried it for about a year - everything is not for everyone. There is a saying, "You don't miss what you had until it's gone."

Sometimes, we have to step back and see the big picture before we know exactly what we need to do. Hopefully, you will return soon. Best of luck in your next endeavor.
CordeliaN Premium
I am so sorry to hear, but as Marath said it’s not for everyone, at least you have made the decision, which in itself can be stressful, what ever road you take may it be Yellow Brick or at the very least paved and walkable... 🤞👍
PaulaSchmitz Premium
Hi David, I can see on your profile that you have not taken any level of training. The whole point of this space is to train yourself into digital marketing and apply those principles on your site. Sorry to see you go! Maybe you should give it a FULL try! Paula :)
mbouteiller Premium Plus
Hi David,

I'm sad to see you leave. Perhaps, you will return and when you do, we'll all be here for you.

I wish you well, peace, joy and happiness, and good health.

I hope our paths will cross again in the internet world.

All the best to you, David 🙏

MurphysMom Premium Plus
David, my husbands name, means gift from God...
I too stepped back from WA but returned. I’m retired and care taker for my husband who is 82.

I honor your decision to leave WA, but somehow I feel you aren’t sure about making this decision.
Please take time to search for this answer.

Best to you in whatever you decide.

Many Blessings,