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December 07, 2019
I spent some time upgrading or enhancing my posts today. Updating Content Adding Content is the hard part for me. I’ve been slow all my life. I didn’t start speaking until I was 4. Now, 65 years later, I am still slow. The good news is that I’m learning to write better and I go back to posts daily and add/refine content. Some posts are at the 1,000-word level and I know I can do more..New ContentI have a project in my advanced Toastmaster program that involved Blog Post. The r
December 06, 2019
New AgainSometimes it's hard for me to believe, but every day I wake up it's a brand new day. A day to start fresh in my ways. After all, yesterday is truly gone, although the good parts are remembered and the bad parts forgotten.FridayFridays and Tuesdays do have some repeats. On both days I attend a Toastmast's meeting. As a lifelong introvert, Toastmasters has been good for me. I've learned to converse and engage people in real time, face to face. For this, am grateful and I continue to imp
December 05, 2019
Brain Fied TIme to RestI completed Boot Camp Level 4 and now it's tie for a break. I made a new post to complete the level and I placed that psot on my second website. Even though I feel my brain is fried, I managed to get the SEO correct in one work period of about 2 hours.While I need to add more content to that post and to make more posts, it really is time to take a break. The training says take take time off, I'll be using that time to create my winter schedule and goals. I may have to con
December 03, 2019
I never imagined that retirement would hold so much to do. The last 20 years of my working life were busy with long workdays and too many working weekends. Enter retirement and so many changes!More “free time” At first it seemed as if there was going to be an endless time to relax and enjoy life. I soon learned the downside free time. In the absence of a great plan, down-time becomes boring.Less stress! With day-to-day job pressures gone, I had imagined no stress or at least a lot l
November 30, 2019
I Feel Like all Things are NewI started Wealthy Affiliate in June this year and I have progressed slowly. I jumped into Bootcamp and followed the training. When the training instructed to write a post, I wrote a post. When the subject was Keywords, I did that.Unfortunately, I seem to have a segmented sort of brain and I as I moved from task to task. I wasn’t integrating what I was learning. Perhaps this is a holdover from my college days when cramming for exams was normal and most of the
November 29, 2019
SickI have been mostly away from WA this past week. I was almost sick, unable to eat much, and a constant headache. This was just bad enough to keep me from writing.Today, I'm Back! I woke up this morning feeling normal for the first time in a week. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, only stating the condition behind my recent inactivity.I'm pleased and proud to be back here with you all.I have a huge list of email to look at, but those will wait until later. Black FridayYes, I took adv
November 23, 2019
Do You Know the Secret to Warren Buffet's Success?There is no doubt about it that Warren Buffett has made it big! DO you know his secret? I've been reading up on him lately and discovered the secret to setting goals the Warren Buffett way.The 5/25 RuleWarren Buffett explains how to set goals like this.Write out your 25 top goals.Narrow the list down to the top 5Ignore the rest.The remaining 20 goals only distract from the top 5 until we achieve them. After that, we start the list again. Those o
November 23, 2019
Blogging and SpeakingWe relate blogging and speaking, but the differences may be an obstacle, at least for me. I'm a born introvert. I know from my parent that I didn't speak my first words until I was five years old. I had an older brother who did all the talking. I followed him around and pointed to things I wanted.Over the years, I remained an introvert. I worked as a machinist and toolmaker and it required very little interaction. Late in my working career, I entered management and this is
November 18, 2019
On Practice I recently replied to a post on practice, and I had wanted to include a video. I didn’t know how. This is my next attempt at including a video in my Wealth Affiliate blog. The video shows the result of one year of practice learnng to dance.Try it here
November 12, 2019
Winter is EarlyI'm glad that it is. I avoid the snow and stay indoors. This is a great opportunity for me. I pursue my studies here at Wealthy Affiliate. Even better I am finishing the overhaul to the two bathrooms in my humble double wide. I'm excited to refocus on my goal to complete Bootcamp and OEC. I have decided on my niche for my second website. I have not begun posting on that one yet. I will soon, before year's end.Even better!I received good news from the specialist i have been seein