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April 29, 2020
Thanks to all of you, especially Kyle and VitalyG for this wonderful place. I appreciate you alll more than I can possible express. Much success to all.I'm cancelling my Wealthy Affiliate subscriptions because this isn't for me. Thanks!
I completed level 2 in the OEC. It's been months in the making where every new kernel of training adds value.As today progresses, and after lunch, I'll work on 2 posts in draft mode. Hope to convert them to "published" soon.Other than that, mostly working offline due to bandwidth restrictions. Something I am getting used to. :)
Over the next 3 months I will complete level 3 in the OEC training. Six month after that I expect to complete the entire OEC program.As I continue to study, post, blog, and engage, I will not compare what I do with others here. I’m still learning and doing my best to retain what I’ve learned from one session to the next. Lately I struggle WordPress. Between plugins and the main interface, something changed, and I spent most all day yesterday relearning the interface. I suppose those
April 03, 2020
My observations and a bit of a rant.I worked in Quality Control several times over the years and I retired from a position of Quality Control Manager of a national window company. The average consumer knows little about the inner workings of a great window, but they do know what’s important about their windows. Consumers are also the final judge of a window company’s long-term acceptance in the marketplace and therefore their financial health.In those last few years, I saw trends in
March 31, 2020
9 Months A premium Member.I'm nearing the end of level 2 in the Online Entrepreneur certification course. I began with Wealthy Affiliate in In June 2019. My progress has been slow, but and steady with a few setbacks. I suppose we all have them. I've dabbled in online business before I came here, and like many others, I was not succeeding. From that experience I learned to be more discriminating in my choices and after much consideration, I joined Wealthy Affiliate.With both of my sites indexed
March 29, 2020
I struggled for two long days to “fix” my website after I broke it. I found the issue through our mutual friend Google wo notified me that my site was not mobile friendly. How does that happen! Because of me, of course. Google sent an image to me showing how bad a page looked. Suddenly, this became my new priority.During my first attempts at finding the issue, I looked for advice here, within Q&A, and posts. I read about solutions, including uninstalling plugins, but none of the
March 23, 2020
Have you ever thought about how many times you touch things in a day. I never thought much about it until the Corona Virus appeared and has spread beyond imagination. I’ve had the flu, but thankfully have developed resistance to it over the years. I’ve also had pneumonia and bronchitis when I was younger and a smoker. Unfortunately, few of us have a natural immunity. The warnings about transmission by touch are scary when I look at the growing numbers of new cases. This number may b
Good for me to remain isolate for two real good reasons. First because like many of my fellow elders, I have a number of medical conditions that place me at high risk. Second, I have more time to concentrate on my work here. Gone for a time are the run and chase distractions. Most of everything I need or sue is online. The exception is groceries - I live too far from a store for delivery. Also good, there are 3 restaurants (but no groceries) within a mile of my home. Food is no problem.My mamma
I logged on at 5:20 AM this morning to find a lovely surprise, my first comment on my OEC site. This made my day while it's still early morning and I'm doing my happy dance!The post I reviewed the comment on is in my niche and is a product page. You may know from my other posts that progress is slow. I've struggled with content and SEO. It's like a puzzle that I am slowly understanding. The other is Google search and analyitics. To help me learn these, I'l lkeep and eye on training and posts
March 07, 2020
Hearing loss is a long, slow process for most. I know it's a sudden change for some as well. When it happens slowly, you don't notice it in the passing of each day, month or year. Six weeks ago I began using hearing aides. Now the world is so different with natural sounds filtered through the device. I'm happy to have them, even though it's a leaning process. No missed words in conversations because now I can hear them all. The strange part is that I feel I am encased in a diving suit and separ