Day 74: Ranking sub 400!

Last Update: October 22, 2014

Minor milestone, part of my goal is to be ranked in the top 200 in the WA Community. I have been hovering in the low 400s but a few days ago I have broken the 400 barrier and now ranked 377!

This is important to me because now I can see how much community engagement you need to do to be ranked below 400. Now I can work on being ranked below 300! :-)

Things I've done to stay active in the WA Community and keep my ranking below 400:

- Connect with other WA members by following them. As Kyle has mentioned in one of the lessons, to make sure we connect and welcome the new comers! I have also decided to extend that strategy to make sure I connect with the Top 200 ranked members in the WA community. This way I am connected with the most active, most helpful and most motivated members!

- Post questions to WA members / Kyle / Nathaniell

- Answer questions from WA members and provide constructive feedback.

- Leave (encouraging) comments to WA members' blogs / comments

- Create blogs to share with WA members my progress / success / ideas / lessons learnt.

Lessons learnt:

- Focus on the goal. We are here to learn affiliate marketing so make sure to follow and complete the tasks in each lesson of each WA Certification courses.

- Affiliate marketing is a team effort. One of the best part of being in WA is the community support. It is important to develop good relationship and a great support base in WA to help you stay motivated and accomplish your internet marketing goals.

- Keep a momentum: I often struggle to find time to work on my website or progress the courses but it is important to set aside at least an hour per week to continue to progress no matter how small the progress is.

- Enjoy the journey. WA is part of my journey in learning how to make alternative income. I had to learn to just enjoy my progress and not get too critical on myself when I'm not able to accomplish tasks I needed to do.

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mlshands Premium
Lessons well learned! Keep up the good work!
CarlaIves Premium
dhayman Premium
Congrats. You've set yourself a good foundation.
kholmes Premium
Congrats, moving right along. :))
MurieB86 Premium
Congrats on cracking the 400 Dennis! Seems like you're moving along nicely. I totally agree with what you wrote in this blog post. Keep it up!