Day 56: September Progress Report

Last Update: October 05, 2014

Day 56


Oh my, where has the time gone!?

What have I accomplished?! As usual, after my 4 week holiday, I'm back to my hectic schedule and have had a lot of distractions which prevented me from focusing on my WA project of learning how to create a niche site and learn about affiliate marketing. My first niche site or authority site is Ballers Gear and Tech Gadget Review,

It doesn't mean I have not done anything. As I learn how to create websites using WordPress, thanks to the WA Courses, I ended up setting up a number of website projects.

So below I will include every website I have setup and any earnings made since joining WA.

This monthly report blog is for the purpose of accountability, where i hope this will help me stay focused in my goals to learn how to make money online with the help of WA.

Online Earnings since joining WA

Join date:

10 August 2014

Website name:

Date created:

Approx August 2014.

Online earnings: $0

The goal of this site is to provide relevant information regards to how to order custom made basketball uniforms and other sporting apparel. The usual source of income is by word of mouth where I speak to teams and players regards to their uniform needs.

Other Goals:

- Create web presence for the uniform supply business. (Completed!)

- Guide clients how to order custom made uniforms without the need to give me a call. (Completed)

- Learn how to create a blog to post useful information for basketball players. (In progress)

- Learn how to monetise the site by:

- affiliate earnings (currently learning this in WA Course 3!).

- banner advertising.

- other means I can learn from WA. (I'm learning about WA Affiliate Program)

- Generate income online from this site. e.g. Online advertising.

- Receive new clients from this site.

- Educate existing clients to go to this site for updates or information regarding custom made basketball uniforms and other sporting apparel as well as learn about any current deals I am promoting.

- Prepare a major campaign for Filcom Sports Club teams to order in Nov-Dec. By having multiple team orders, I can take advantage of bulk order and hope to gain some savings in courier cost.


Website name:

Ballers Gear and Tech Gadget Review

Online earnings: $0

I'm currently learning about Affiliate Earnings by going though the WA Course 3, Lesson 2.

Right now, I feel overwhelmed with the amount of posts I need to create to make this site not looking empty. I feel I'm covering too much categories and I am considering of narrowing down the topic or niche that I am focusing on.

Last month, I was not able to provide enough content. However, I have commenced writing a review on a popular basketball app called iScore Basketball Scorekeeping.

I also plan to provide a series of How To videos for this app.

I intend to provide reviews on other similar basketball apps.


Website name:

Pinay Ballers League

My uniform supply business, Great Awesome Uniforms is a proud sponsor of Pinay Ballers League. This is a women's basketball league in Manila, Philippines (I'm in Australia).

Through WA Affiliate web hosting, I have setup a basketball league site for Pinay Ballers League. I have offered the domain name and web hosting as well as the design and setup of the site for free as part of my sponsorship for the League.

With the popularity of the league, I believe there is a potential online business opportunity to be made in this site. If the PBL Facebook page is an indication, where the facebook page received 500+ likes in less than two weeks! Then there is a potential for the site to receive hundreds of unique visits per week!

By finding a way to generate some online earnings through the PBL website, then my business can contribute more funding for the League!

Website Goals:

- Provide relevant information in the website for the players, supporters and sponsors.

- Draw as many users to the site.

- Find sponsors to fund the cost of the website.

- Learn how to charge the right fee for online advertising

- Once earnings are generated, part of the earnings can be used to return to PBL as extra donations for the League.

Online earnings:

Total gross earnings from WA sites this Sept = $0

Most if not all of the sites mentioned above are not necessarily ready to start making any earnings yet. Many hours of content publishing are still required. I am still in a steep learning curve regarding monetisation of websites, but I am excited I am learning this topic as I take Course 3 of the WA online course!

I can't wait to see what happens in October!

Other website business:

Because of the visibility of the websites mentioned above, other website design opportunities are being presented to me. I am in discussion to finalise two web design projects for two paying clients! I sure hope to share more progress in October!

Online expenses:

From the month of Oct, I will be including expenses incurred that is relevant with my website projects since joining WA. Below are a few:

Purchased domain name via namecheap for Pinay Ballers League = $12/yr. = $75 (created business logo)

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jolier Premium
Hey Dennis, looks like you have been super busy! One thing I have found in the past is that I thought I could increase my chances of success by having multiple sites, but the opposite happened instead - my focus was spread too thin so they all failed and I gave up (this is going back a few years ago now).

I'm not saying to ditch any of your sites but maybe have one that you focus on the most - the one that you think has the most earning potential. In my opinion that'd be your gadget & tech review site, but I can see that your PBL site is a work of passion so of course don't give that up completely, but do try to focus more energy towards the review site maybe.. As for content - can you try targeting low hanging fruit keywords to get some ideas for things to write about and also help you get traffic?
I enjoyed reading your progress update and wish you all the best!
discoden Premium
Hi Jamie, or should I call you Jolie :-). Thanks for the feedback. Your advise is noted. I do think my greatest challenge is not what to write, but more on learning how to prioritise my projects. I have such passion in basketball that many people gravitate towards what I have to offer in the sport and I find opportunities are often created with what I do.
Saying no to opportunities are often so hard for me to do. :-)
I'm working hard to learn to manage my time better by focusing on one thing at a time and invest adequate time for each project, rather than trying to do so many things almost all at the same time.
Thank you so much for your support!
AllynBeekman Premium
Wow, Dennis. I have no idea how you can keep up building content for three websites. I'm having trouble filling up one. Of course, you said you struggled with at least one of them this past month also.

Keep it up until they start reaping rewards for you (and don't stop there either, of course)!
discoden Premium
HI Allyn, thanks for the comment. Content or what to write, is not the problem I face with the websites that I have mentioned above. I actually have so much content I sometimes do not know which one to start! The challenge for me is to learn to focus and manage my priorities. Thanks for the encouragement! I will definitely keep moving forward and I am learning to focus on one project at a time. I've had some break throughs which I will share in my next blogs. :-)
CarlaIves Premium
Looks like you are doing VERY WELL!!! I had to go look at one of your sites to see ballers meant basketball. LOL The money WILL come. Never fear!
discoden Premium
Hi Carla, I'll take note to explain the slang words I use so any readers can understand what I'm writing about! :-P Thank you for your encouraging words!