Day 5: My Progress to create my first website in WA

Last Update: August 14, 2014

Day 5


As per what I have read in the WA lessons, I will utilise the WA Blog feature both to assist me in tracking my progress and in the process share to the WA community some lessons learnt.

I look forward to comments from people as I share my progress. I am definitely not 100% sure with how my site will look and how successful I will be in monetising this first site.

I guess my MAIN goal is to just go through the process and COMPLETE one site and I'm sure from there, I will be wiser in moving forward.

This Progress blog is work in progress. The information I'm sharing are fairly random and hopefully will refine how I present them as I go along. I do not want to spend too much time doing the blog but rather focus on the progress of building my site!

Date joined WA:

10 August 2014

Reason for joining:

Find support to help me learn how to create websites for the purpose of creating a business online.

One of my passions:

Basketball. I have been a player of basketball at a very young age. I am currently head coordinator of a basketball club called Filcom Sports Club - Basketball.

I help supply custom made basketball jerseys or uniforms and other apparel for Filcom Sports Club Basketball League players.

My niche:

- Basketball players in Filcom Sports Club - Basketball (in Canberra, Australia) requiring custom made basketball uniforms for their teams. Membership = 180-200 players (or 20 teams).

- Local Basketball players from other clubs in Canberra

- Basketball players from other states in Australia

Domain name:

The website must meet these objectives:

Create web presence for the uniform supply business.

Guide clients how to order custom made uniforms without the need to give me a call.

Learn how to create a blog to post useful information for basketball players.

Learn how to monetise the site by:

- affiliate earnings (this part I am not sure how to do yet).

- banner advertising.

- other means I can learn from WA.

Online earnings:

Total gross earnings from this site = $0

No earnings from this website yet. As it is NOT published yet.

The uniform supply business is earning 'offline' and has generated some income in 2014.

Online expenses:

Total expenses =

WA Premium Annual Membership = $359

Purchased domain name via Bluehost: GreatAwesomeUniforms = $3.99 /year for 3 yrs

Bluehost webhosting = It was $296 for 3 yrs (recently cancelled and refunded) = $100 (created business logo)

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hildacbg Premium
You have given a lot of thought to your website and its purpose. Way to go. I wish you great success.
discoden Premium
Thanks so much hildacbg. Slowly but surely. :-)