Grateful to All You

Last Update: March 22, 2019

Have you ever heard the saying, "show me who your friends are, and I'll tell what you are", I heard that a long time ago when I first tried to get clean and sober.

Ten years later I finally understood what that meant, stepping out of jail for what I hope was my last time ever. Three months after that I was lucky enough to get back into a rehab program (again).

After work tonight I went to a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous and afterwards some of us went out to dinner, a bunch of addicts just talking about life, work, and family, just like regular people do.

I look up to these men just like I do to the ambassadors here at WA and everyone that has helped me along the way.

I bring that quote up tonight because we talk about what we are doing to make our lifes better and our family's. A couple of the people know about my site and asked how it was coming along.

I explained to them with my mom (cancer), work, school, my recovery, it's not going as planned but I still find time for it. Some got curious as they looked at it on their phones and asked how I did it.

I talked about this new family here at WA and explained the process of how everything works and how I continue to learn and make the site better.

One of the men mentioned that quote tonight about all of you here at WA and stated, "keep it up, keep listening and growing and things will start to happen sounds like a good community to have your back."

I think what Kyle, Carson, Jay, Zed, Israel, Debs, and so many others Michael aka Lesabre, nurseBecca, bigrog, louise, elizabeth, pastor D, marion, and just so freaking many more it gives me inspiration to keep trying and for that I'm thankful. Hell even the newcomers cheer me the hell up.



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jlclayton1 Premium
This community is what sets WA apart from any other program that can teach how to start an online business. The fellowship, the inspiration, the help--you don't get it anywhere else.

Like he said, the community has your back! Thanks for a wonderful post :)

directJ Premium
Wished I found WA three years ago when I started looking for an online business. Have it now so that's all that matters at the moment.
JM80525 Premium
This story filled my heart. I have two brothers in situations similar to yours. I may have to introduce them to my "other" family here at WA!

I wish you a happy and prosperous future, both here and in your life in general.

Be well, be wealthy!
directJ Premium
Thanks, Joe, yes show them it's a great place as you probably already know.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
At times it can feel like we are not making progress and that we don't have the time.

The community can be so empowering we are fortunate indeed.
TommyVTE Premium
Hi Jason,

this is for the long term don't give up just keep improving yourself and learn more in WA with all that knowledge your website (business) will improve and that's how life, in general, gets better.

Have a great weekend,

FKelso Premium Plus
We are one community made up of many, many wonderful people.