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I'm not the one UnMotivated. First lets see if anyone catches that and gives me a comment trying to lift my spirits or tell me something inspiring.I deal with people everyday that are uninspired to change their live's for the better. I hate to say it but it's true.Those are the people that continue to inspire me.If we can get through to the people that can't see the other side it's a good thing. We as a whole need to be there for those others that can't open the door for themselves.Right now al
A short rant on desperate marketers and/or affiliates that make affiliate marketing look bad.A friend of mine through here asked that I join his Mastermind Group.I did because I see value in them if they are done correctly, and you learn a lot from each other just like we all do here at WA.Well not long after joining and Facebook's extremely nice algorithm chimed in for it's two-cents.I started getting all these sponsored Mastermind Group ads in my feed.I changed my preference to hide the ads o
Why the Change In MindThe offer was something that any one would have taken being in my field of work.I'm able to work with client's one on one. I get to set my own schedule. I am able to continue doing outreach in Chinatown (the links are not affiliate related, links to were I am from and the people I deal with).I can continue to do groups (the thing I LOVE TO DO)! Then there is a side benefit of more $$$$, that's besides the point when I started doing this, I was just happy to be doing it and
March 25, 2019
Have I mentioned I kinda like WA? I think I might have thrown the word Love around with it in the same sentance don't remember.I like doing the comments, you know give 2 and recieve one, you know those comments.I was even doing them so much I made a whole .50 cents. The quality of the comments are shit sometimes and I need to go in and make a couple changes here and there or at time completely reject it because the quality was so forking bad I'd be re-writing the entire comment.I don't want to
March 22, 2019
Have you ever heard the saying, "show me who your friends are, and I'll tell what you are", I heard that a long time ago when I first tried to get clean and sober. Ten years later I finally understood what that meant, stepping out of jail for what I hope was my last time ever. Three months after that I was lucky enough to get back into a rehab program (again).After work tonight I went to a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous and afterwards some of us went out to dinner, a bunch of addicts just talki
Today at work a facilitator called in sick today (no I'm not happpy about that). I hope that person feels better and makes it back soon.I was having lunch with some old co-workers in the old building I use to work at and my old boss came in asking for a volunteer to stay and do the night group. I have not done a group in a little over a month and have not done a night group in well over 6-months.I know you don't give a crap about any of that but it leads up to why I'm happy.The topic of the gro
March 10, 2019
I was reading some other blogs on the give and take comment thread.Then I start reading this one by @steve-jesse.It talks about working out at home and how to do it even if we don't have the time.I have the time and just choose not to do it, because I have excuse after excuse. My number one excuse right now is my blog.I know for myself I use to work out all the time (unfortuneately was in jail when I did), I'd gain some great muscle and depending on how long I was there I came out with a toned
March 04, 2019
DilemmaFor the small group of people that actually read my post's here in WA, I have a dilemma I'd like to share and hopefully gain some guidance. I know this is a decision I'd have to make on my own, hence the damn uncertainty I'm currently facing.For those that do not know me, I'm an addict/alcoholic been clean and sober for 5+ years and work as a drug and alcohol counselor for the last 3-1/2, not by choice. I say not by choice because I never thought in a million years with my colorful langu
February 28, 2019
I work for a non-profit drug and alcohol addiction center.I encounter a lot of individuals on a daily basis due to my job being an intake coordinator and determine the level of care people start out. Before I did that I was a counselor in our residential facility where I was a resident twice!Due to my past experiences, I'd say I'm a little qualified for my position as a counselor and coordinator (technically should not have the job I have now because I have not completed my degree, but my exper
February 26, 2019
My site is about addiction and how to stop, I didn't think it through when getting my URL or and thought ehh my site name and main key word for a majority of my post is going to be difficult to rank. Well I decided tonight instead of doing homework and or working on my blog I'd type in "motivation to stop" of course no quotation marks. and see where I rank on google.Figured I start at about page 100 and stop at about page 500.After getting to 500 I said screw it and started at page one when I g