Level 2 Lesson Ten, progress blog

Last Update: December 28, 2013

My progress so far, I have made it through level 2 of the get started training.

I am quite proud of my progress, although I work full-time, I have upheld my agreement with myself to do something everyday. It may be just to pop on chat, try and help someone out/ answer a question, catch up with other members. I try to look through the posts and blogs and bookmark all the good ones for later. I also look through and try and help others, answer questions, offer support etc. It may come down to a hour before work, and then 2 or 3 hours after work depending on if I have to work late. I love the community here, and I like hanging out in chat, I am a newbie myself so I do what I can to welcome people and at least point them in the direction to find answers :-) Kind of like the welcoming committee/ traffic director/ moral supporter :-) I have been here a couple of months now and have learned a lot, amazingly I can actually answer some questions now :-) I have a long list of great posts, training's, blogs, etc that I can copy and past and share with everyone. I like sharing the 'tips and tricks' I have learned, the ones I fought with for hours, lol that I can share and save someone some time and frustration. It's a great place and one that I really have to pry myself away from to get some other things done. You meet alot of great people, have a lot of good conversations, learn a lot and have a lot of laughs..

My website that I am working on : http://createuronlinebiz.com

Success: while I have not had any financial YET !, I am proud of my site, its not great yet but it will be, I have learned alot and I have used what I have learned to build it with my own two hands :-) I still have such a long way to go, but I am proud of the progress I made so far on it.

Plans and goals for 3 months: Ew I am not good at those, I am still way on the low self confidence realm, but I hope to be well into the Bootcamp training, still learning and doing :-) That would be about 6 months in, so by 6 months more, i'll be in a year and by then I hope to have a little financial goals to be celebrating. I'm not looking for a million dollars, I want to be on a solid foundation for my business, still learning and growing, and a little income coming in .

Okay, this is my second post, so sorry that it stinks :-) I hope in three months I will have this blog thing down and articles and alot more things :- )

Here is to 2014, and all the health and happiness, and succes for all of us :-)

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dmag99 Premium
Digger - you have done very well, indeed, and your site looks great! Bask in it for a time...OK that's enough! Back to work!
If you struggle with goal setting, check my blog for some ideas that might help - there are many ways to approach "goal setting" - there isn't ONE right way, so look around and find techniques that work for YOU and ignore any "experts" with all the answers. My 2 cents...
Gordi Premium
You should be proud of your accomplishments, They are real. And financial will happen too. I am waiting for that myself, lol
autumn56 Premium
Keep at it girl! It's okay you and I have the welcoming committee down to a science =). The best part about going through the questions and answers of other members is that you learn the answer for later on. Plus i've gotten much better and sharing links just like a ninja muahaha.

So much progress done on your site and kudos to being able to get stuff done while being busy (and sick). Hope we both have an awesome 2014, so much to look forward to and to get done
martaymore Premium
congratulations on your progress and best wishes for a successful 2014!!
Michelle12 Premium
You know the awesome thing about helping to explain things to others? When you can do that, then you know you've got it :) I think your website is great!