Time Management Followup.

Last Update: February 12, 2014

I appreciate the feedback of many WA members even the few who wrote that they didn't have time to talk about time.

The first step I learned was like money management, time management is self awareness. J. C. Maxwell said: " Until you value yourself, you will not value time; until you value time, you will not do anything with it ".

The next step is self discipline by identifying your priorities, setting short and long term goals, scheduling your tasks, minimizing distractions, adjusting to the unexpected and finding support.

In fact, following this, I have set up a calendar of daily events that I elaborate every morning, although it has been only a few days, I am starting to enjoy being aware of the important things I have to do and the frivolous to avoid. To be continued...!

Thanks WA community, you are awesome!!!

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Karyskis Premium
Great reminders, thank you for sharing.
necopam Premium
Great reading. Thank you.
mraz24 Premium
lol that's funny, not having time to talk about time. Great post :) Keep up the good work :)
bauguste Premium
I share your sentiments and I think if we practice what you just discussed here, we will reap the benefits.
didihorizon Premium
I agree with you.
nomda ploom Premium
inside out is the only way to be and to base one's actions on- a good reminder, thanks, Andy
didihorizon Premium
Hi Andy, Thanks.