Chattering mind.

Last Update: July 26, 2018

We all are very aware of that chattering mind.

The one that tells us we are not good enough, we will never succeed at anything, it's just too hard, stop being a dreamer, you will never amount to anything and whatever other lies have been planted in our minds.

Those mental noises are covering over that magnificent being within you. Sometimes it gets so loud, you just want to scream. It seems like it never turns off or down.

Who can survive such militant sound?


You can take back control. Control your mind, not it control you.

Become aware of the thoughts you are entertaining. Is there any truth to it? Is it your belief, or have you borrowed someone else's? Give it back to the owner! Chances are, they probably borrowed it too :)

Start creating your own thoughts and beliefs of your choosing. What does your heart desire? What are your values? What can I do today, that will build me up, not tear me down?

Think the thoughts that uplift you and make you feel good, about you and your life. There is always something we can appreciate.ALWAYS:)

From that position you can nurture and make it grow. It may take effort on your part until it's roots are solidly grounded, but worth it. You're worth it!

No longer to be a prisoner of old patterns of thoughts and beliefs. Set yourself free!

Those dreams are yours! They are yours to enjoy. They are yours to keep. Turn that volume down on negative self talk or better still, mute it!

This is your life... You are the author... Have fun recreating :)

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EandS2018 Premium
Hey Di great post went great with my morning coffee this am.
Would you mind telling we’re to go to make the kind moving signature you have with heart.we are working on a logo.
Many Blessing,
Scarlett and Elaine
DianeWehi Premium
Ahh my favourite ladies :)
Good morning from NZ. Coffee time for me too.
Go to
Easy to do.
Enjoy your day ladies.

Di :)
AlexEvans Premium
Sound advice, Di, that negative self-talk can be a limiting factor in the striving to create an enhanced lifestyle, still, the mind and work from the heart.
DianeWehi Premium
Yes Alex, you are right.
When our mind and heart are aligned, magic happens.
Thank you for sharing.
Appreciate you.

Di :)
heljam404A Premium
Very insightful thanks a lot.
DianeWehi Premium
Thank you for stopping by.
Much appreciated :)

Di :)
davehayes Premium
Very enjoyable reading, thanks for sharing made me smile : )
DianeWehi Premium
Thank you Dave :)
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Di
I totally agree and once you are rid of those silly thoughts you can move into such a positive space where you can create unlimited positive things
Thank you for sharing
DianeWehi Premium
You are so right Vicki.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Much Appt.

Di :)