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September 15, 2018
Hi WA family.Haven't been on for a while as much as I would like to be but I have had to upgrade my skills in my job as a Support Worker.I have finally finished my Level 2 Certificate and first aid course. Yay me :)Level 3 will begin shortly.One thing I noticed is how much I miss being in the WA community. Hearing all about everyone and their progress, successes and frustrations. Can anyone share how they balance out work, family and life please? lolMuch appreciated.
Hmmm I'm not sure if I am this adventurous!Haha Who am I kidding! Hell no! But I do admire those who are :)I do believe adventure comes in all forms. Look at us in the WA community. Isn't this an adventure we are journeying on in WA?It sure is! And what an adventure it is! We are learning things we never thought we could do. We are putting our passions out there to the worldwide community. We are meeting new friends from all cultures, walks of life and completely different backgrounds and beco
July 31, 2018
Have a moment to myself and I'm sitting here reflecting back on my life.Three quarters of my journey was about regurgitating the not so happy things that I had experienced. Created a life pattern of not enoughness (just checked. It's actually a real word lol) from all angles of life.Anyway, now I'm thinking of all those who helped me along the way such as Louise Hay first introduced a new way of thinking by saying "Its only a thought and a thought can be changed"Deepak Chopra shared how we are
Do you get a lot of emails?Do you feel they take up too much time?.I use too, then I saw a quote " If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life"That got me thinking, I do love what I am doing. I am learning, growing, uplifting, being uplifted and building an online business. All this so far, has already surpassed my heart felt desires.What I am learning, for me is I love to uplift others and help them awaken and be empowered.. To see their inner light shine through.So back to
July 26, 2018
We all are very aware of that chattering mind.The one that tells us we are not good enough, we will never succeed at anything, it's just too hard, stop being a dreamer, you will never amount to anything and whatever other lies have been planted in our minds.Those mental noises are covering over that magnificent being within you. Sometimes it gets so loud, you just want to scream. It seems like it never turns off or down.Who can survive such militant sound?YOU CAN! You can take back control. Con
July 24, 2018
If you were to write something to yourself, in present tense, what would you write?Would you tell yourself how great a job you are doing :)Would you tell yourself, no such thing as failure :)Would you tell yourself, I love you :)What would you write?Love to hear your comments :)Di :)
Diamonds are formed when exposed to extreme pressure.Are we not a diamond in the making?Do we not come under many pressures in life, every day.I know it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes, but it is there! And it is You!We get to choose in every moment what we think and focus on. We can think life sucks or life is creating another beautiful diamond!May you choose the latter.Shine bright like a diamond today. Know, that You are that diamond in the making. And when you do,
July 19, 2018
Our hearts beat for us every day.It's not only a physical thing though. Our hearts also beat the rhythm of love, clarity and alignment.Desires, dreams and passions.To love and be loved.To uplift and be uplifted.To care and be cared for.To accept and be accepted.It represents the very thing that Is You!So listen to your knows :)Di :)
July 18, 2018
Preparing to write next article for training tasks.Yes...I know exactly what I want to write about. Start typing my article feeling good about what's flowing out, all is well. Have to go to work soon so I will finish it later. Push save and log out.Sounds pretty good so far, don't you think?So at work, my client is talking about her day and says something that triggers an idea to write another article. After work I rush home and yes, I start another article lol oh yes this is a great article to
First carry your own load and then you can help others carry their own.We are responsible for our own thoughts, words, actions and choices.Being judgemental and blaming others is not carrying our own load. Its making their load heavier.We all can carry our own load, its when we add the load of others, we become weighed down.Who's load are you carrying?Di :)