The Travel Car Seats Niche!

Last Update: May 17, 2022

So, continuing my series on different niches to consider.

Here are the first two if you missed them.

Right, let's talk about car seats!

Wow, that is one unhappy child in my image!

Anyways, I have actually seen a few members here within this niche, but typically, they concentrate solely on reviews rather than adding informational posts to attract traffic.

One of the top websites in this niche has over 75,000 visitors per month but interestingly has less than 100 posts.

And of those posts, only 29 of them are product reviews with affiliate links.

So, she has clearly realised the value of adding mainly informational posts with no selling intent.

If you are interested in this type of niche, your subject could be travelling with a baby or travel with a toddler or even travelling with a dog etc.

Then you could also introduce other topics, not just car seats, such as playing games to keep kids occupied when travelling or eating on the move, needing the toilet when out and about, etc.

This leads to the opportunity to promote lots of portable products.

Don't just rely on Amazon or Walmart with their low 3% commissions, seek out independent affiliate programs such as that pays 10%.

I hope this gives you some useful ideas, look out for my next niche post soon!

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JeannineC Premium
There are so many great merchants for this vertical!

These are all on affiliate network:

and cool accessories like

and even which enables you to rent baby gear while traveling, then you can just leave it behind instead of hauling it on planes or trains, etc.

Based on the EPCs of these programs, it's a very successful niche!
VaiKosi Premium Plus
Very useful indeed, thanks for sharing, Diane!
WBlaisure Premium
This is a great service Diane. Thanks.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Amazing that there are truly so many niches!

JHawumba Premium Plus
This is exactly what I refer to as "remote thinking". The details are not left out and everything is important. Thank you Diane