A Few Updates from Carson

Last Update: January 20, 2021

So, we had a recent visit in Live Chat from Carson, who cleared up a few things that may have been puzzling us!

You may have noticed that the WA ranking has not been updated and doesn't show the top 200 members. The answer is - "the table that we store ranks in got far too large; we're updating as we speak. Should be back working in 30 mins or so"

Next, we all had a spike in our stats yesterday, in content clicks. Here's the response - "this just means that a bunch of content got indexed. We ran some updates to our sitemaps for blogs - I'm assuming that Google picked up a bunch more content here at WA"

And a few things to look forward to -

"I'm actually working on a brand new search for WA which we'll roll out next week. Hopefully, that will help you find things a bit easier! Working on an update to live chat too (should come next week as well)"

"One of the projects we're working on right now is optimizing blog content so that it'll attract more folks to join the WA community through your content. We think we can multiply referrals through indexed content exponentially"

Obviously, I don't know anything more, other than these direct quotes from Carson. Hope that clears up a few things for you.

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Kyle Premium Plus
These are just a few of the things that we are working on any given day.

We actually were hashing out a bunch of near term projects today in relation a new iteration training, implementation of captions on a broad scale, and several interface updates and improvements.

We also have a new version of chat that is in late stages, and is FAR better from a speed/optimization standpoint (and fixes the bugs with the existing platform). We completely redeveloped it from the ground up, and will have future and iterative improvements (that we have already slated, and are excited about).

Lots going on, and lots to look forward to! :)
Newme202 Premium Plus
Thank you for keeping us posted.
RoseLee2020 Premium
Thank you Kyle and to Carson as well!~^
Mariola9 Premium
Thank you, Kyle! You are brilliant! 💖
Swangirl Premium
Thanks Diane! That helps. I’m thrilled they will update the search function. I hate that there are no dates now so you can’t easily find current content. There used to be dates next to search results so you could see when a blog, question or training was posted and I hope they bring that back!
Carson Premium Plus
Thanks for letting folks know Diane!

Few quirks that are being addressed - and system updates are being added to WA on a daily basis. 100's of updates a week being made to the platform to improve usability, stability, speed etc.

We're busy as ever in the background improving on the new platform that was released in November 2020.
feigner Premium
thanks for all you and the rest of the teams hard work Carson...
BrendaMZ Premium Plus
Awesome. Diane, thanks for clarifying what has been happening. According to my affiliate stats took a huge dive down as of this morning. It is good news that out WA blogs content now can be indexed content that will help us get many referrals. We all are looking forward to more updates and improvements.
feigner Premium
so does this mean we will be seeing a lot more wa review blogs by members with mmo sites in here....
i really thought it was a promotion free site,,,but they are hte management......
i am glad they are going to create a search utility
and ranking updates taking 30 mins - is that programmers 30 mins...roughly translates into between 2 days and 30 days...sorry guys couldn't resist that last one
i know you are working very hard in the background and it is problematic updating an existing platform without breaking it
you are doing a great job of keeping it together....
thanks for the update Diane