Island Keywords - How Zero Search Keywords Can Bring In Amazing Traffic!

Last Update: May 20, 2020

Hi WA'rriors and WA'rriorettes,

We have all seen it on Jaaxy, Google's own Keyword tool and a variety of others and been a dejected at such a great Keyword and topic idea that we had...only to see <10 traffic.

What does that mean?.


It means you might just have an island keyword on your hands!.

Zero or <10 traffic does not always mean the particular keyword always has no traffic or fewer than 10 searches per month - although, as a word of warning this might just be the case! - so be careful!.

From time to time there are those keywords that have <10 searches in Jaaxy or any other keyword research tool simply due to there not being sufficient data to give any information at all.

What Is An Island Keyword?

An Island Keyword is one of those keywords that are on a land far far away lost in the digital ocean of Keywords that return zero traffic on a land of their own isolated as if they are on an island of their own.

Just like a tropical island - some can be great, some, well, if you have ever been on Koh Chang outta season can be simply terrible!.

As I Explained In This Article, as I touched very lightly on Island Keywords that you can end up with thousands of traffic for this type of keyword.

Island Keywords are also a fantastic way of creating content that your competition is missing or simply don't want to cover.

This article here explains the power end effect of building a site simply covering what you competitors are missing out on. As the evidence of such is confirmed in the comment when a lovely lady replied saying she created a 40 page site getting a lot of traffic and a good income just writing what her competitors were not covering.

Screenshot from Month 12 of my site showing Just how much traffic can be generated from these island keywords.

Note: These are not uncommon results, still if you end up with say 50-60 traffic from a <10 traffic keyword in jaaxy would think it of as a bad deal or a waste of your time in creating the content?.

I wouldn't!.

How To Find A Good Island Keyword

As I said earlier there is a certain technique involved in island keywords as some can be a tropical paradise while most (if you are not careful) can really be a deserted island that leads to zero traffic.

  • Step 1. Think Of A Base/Seed Keyword

Think of a few main base/seed keyword, a head keyword phrase from which you are going to add the tail to.

This part involves a fair bit of brain storming - this is essentially going to be the topic of your content.

I'll free flow here - so excuse the search results or what kind of traffic/QSR comes up.

"How To Teach English".

I'm dang sure without checking there are are a lot of searches for that term and a lot of competition.

  • Step 2 Add Some Unique Qualifiers.

This part, just brainstorm and come up with a variety of unique qualifiers to you base/seed Keyword that are correct use of the English Language and make sense.

"How To Teach English As A Second Language To Children"

"How To Teach English As A Second Language To Your Child"

"How To Teach English As A Second Language To Italians/Germans, Spaniards".

"How To Teach English As A Second Language From Home".

"How To Teach English As A Second Language Online"

*Note you can also miss out in this example "As A Second Language".

"How To Teach English Abroad During Your GAP Year"

"How To Teach English And Travel The World For Free!".

You are only limited here by your creativity and what would be a great topic to write about.

Step 3: Check Jaaxy!.

Run any and all of you keyword ideas in jaaxy and see what kind of traffic and QSR you are getting. If the search volume is low - and competition is low you can certainly use them as content ideas on your blog.

If the Traffic is <10 - initially you would think meh...bad keyword idea - nobody is searching for this.

- Not always the case. You might just have an excellent island Keyword on your hands here!.

How To Tell If You Have A Good Island Keyword?

    This part is easy Google is your best friend, your VERY best friend.

    Run your head/seed Keyword in Google if it comes up as an autosuggest - bullseye - people are searching for it!.

    Run use the Alphabet Soup Technique - not in Jaaxy but in google - If your keyword comes up, great - folks are searching for it?

    Does your keyword or a very close variation appear in the PAA - People Also Ask area?

    Does it appear in the Related Searches at the bottom of the Search Results Page directly or as a close variation?

    If so, yes, this could be a great island keyword as our great friend Google is clearly telling us that people are searching for that term - the <10 traffic may just be due to there not being enough historical data for that particular keyword.

    Have you had success with zero traffic keywords? Been surprised that you actually got traffic or knocked it outta the park by stumbling upon an Island Keyword?.

    Or do you have any of your own super keyword research techniques that you use yourself?

    (I'd love to hear them!.)

    Thanks for reading and don't pass up those <10 Traffic keywords!.



    I am astounded by the comments below and in particular flabbergasted by the success with Island Keywords that some members have reported, Particular JanieTH Who has for her target Keyword got a featured snippet with full description and image Position Zero and position 1 for a similar related article.

    You simply cannot get any better than that! JanieTh has commented that this particular article is her top traffic one - yet is an Island keyword of <10 Traffic.

    Well done JanieTH! - that is what I call owning the SERPS!.

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    JanieTH Premium
    Thank you so much Derek!! It was a gut feeling and just the wish to write about it, that I thought "< 10 traffic, I don't care, will write it anyway". Thank you so much for mentioning it! It was very fast also ranked 1 on bing. I have no idea about the recent changes, but it is still driving traffic.
    DerekMarshal Premium
    It will likely continue to do so due to the quality of the article and how rather elegantly it is written. Google will always rank quality content. Always.
    CordeliaN Premium
    Derek, I would never have normally used the <10 key word search, it’s for moments like these that I am so glad I am a member of the WAmily,
    iIt’s 6:30am uk time and I’m just heading out to work, before I departed I wanted to read this saved post....(so glad I saved it, so glad you thought to write it) this brilliant little tip is feel is going to be what and how I next title my post.

    Well done to Lady Jane for getting her Flutist website and post out as one of the tropical island paradise... I am so chuffed for her, and so pleased I’m in your tribe...

    Have a good day Derek....👍🤗
    DerekMarshal Premium
    Thank you kindly - yeah I was absolutely stunned by Lady Jane's outstanding success.
    cld111 Premium
    I don't even bat an eye anymore if I see there's <10 results in Jaaxy. Instead, I do like you suggested and head to Google to see if anyone is searching for that keyword phrase.

    Then, I see what the related keywords are and see if those are any good.

    I still use Jaaxy, but more to tell me if there's too much competition for a particular word, or to give me ideas for other related keywords. If the traffic seems too low, as long as I see people are searching for it in Google, I go for it. Why not?

    - Christina
    DerekMarshal Premium
    Exactly Christina.

    What is there to lose when you <10 traffic and write it naturally and well enough you will end up ranking for a whole bunch of cluster keywords that very similar that do get a fair amount of searches.

    Zarina hits the nail of the head when she mentioned a lot about gut instinct and knowing your audience are searching for that term. and going for it!.
    RichBrennan Premium
    This is brilliant, Derek, especially the tip about running a check in Google before going to Jaaxy.
    Nethaniell alluded to this in one of his posts a while back and I didn't book mark it.
    I've got a few ideas in mind for some reviews so I'll let you know when they start to rank.
    Thanks for a great and timely reminder!
    Rich :-)
    DerekMarshal Premium
    Thank you Rich

    I'll need have a look for Nathaneils post on that - I have a lot respect for what he has achieved. I consider myself as lucky he is my mentor here.
    EdwinBernard Premium
    Hi Derek.

    Thanks for this thought provoking article.

    I have used Keywords hat have <10 Avg and Traffic and got decent results, I don't aim to do that.

    Only when the phrase I want to use in my mind is what someone searching for what I have in my blog post would use.

    When I entered the phrase in Google, the results were totally relevant to the topic of my article. I felt that there was merit in that low traffic keyword.

    I also noticed that Jay Neill in his webinars has now and then used a keyword that has <10 and didn't bat an eyelid. He was probably thinking like you did in this post.

    Thanks for a very helpful post.


    DerekMarshal Premium
    If it is topically relevant, and you have that gut instinct that your audience are searching for that kind of search term then by all means go for it - especially if and where google is giving you some indications that people are searching for that or very closely similar.