Picking a Fight That You Can Win - My Big Realisation!

Last Update: May 08, 2020

Let's face it if you wanna go ducki' an' divin' bob'in and weavin' with Mike Tyson you better be be prepared to lose!.


If you want to go "toe-to-toe" and win, knock out your competitor flat out choose them wisely!. All of your high ranking competitors be the boxers or other websites in your niche they all leave a fingerprint, their DNA will be all over the web, and particular all over search.

Even the high ranking "heavyweights". Study them. Study them smartly. All your competitors will have (regardless of which niche).

  • - Strengths
  • - Weaknesses
  • - Areas they can improve on.
  • - A certain word-count, Tone, style, structure (both site and article).
  • - A certain DA/PA.

As Jerry H quotes rather wisely Steve Job "Success leaves clues". I like to call it the DNA of success or your competitors in your industry. There is no need to re-invent the wheel - this was my big realisation!.

Using this information you can deliver a knock-out blow to your competitors.

Don't try to compete with your competitor on their strong points, but whoop their butt's on their weak points and areas they can improve on.

I like to think of it like a folly winning a race by running between the legs of the bigger race horses.

You can think of it like studying say Mike Tyson's moves and style and identifying a weakness and targeting it to knock him out!.

(How do you think James "Buster" Douglas managed to Knock him out back in '88?).

There is no need to pick a battle for the rankings that you can't and probably won't win. This is why it is best to adopt the 100 x 100 (better still 50 x 50) of search volume and QSR.

....And study the rankings. Can you out rank who is on page one?

All of this is taught in the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

There is a reason why Kyle is telling you to stick to a QSR of less than 100 - pick a fight you can win.

What do you think he is doing when he tell you to find similar successful 5-6 sites in your industry that you like and look at their categories and structure, but not to copy them.

He is teaching you to choose your competitors wisely and find the content gaps.

Speaking of which - why do you think real SEO experts (and not the fakes that just teach or blog about it - RE: some Bald German guy who has no SEO Clients but a hugely popular SEO Blog) insist on using the competitor analysis tool that is standard in SEO Tools.

When you have found your competitors weaknesses and areas they can improve on....

Learn To Use Jaaxy

Jaaxy tells us all we need to know - yes even competitor analysis.

repeat after me!

"Jaaxy is not just a keyword research tool!". I'll leave it to you to find out how to use Jaaxy to its full potential. If you learn by yourself - you will appreciate it more. Go, play around, use it to find:

  • The word count
  • Internal link information (how many).
  • Keyword Density
  • And much more!.

And take this as a key to what google is looking for.

To be quite frank Jaaxy! Is a full on SEO tool minus the backlink data.

Compare this to what is taught on MANY other Affiliate Marketing Training Courses that have what I call the PAP method - Publish and Pray!.

(Prey and Publish is better than Publish and Pray!).


(unless you are a heavyweight yourself!).

If your create content trying to compete with the "big boys" you are only going to get crushed and knocked out, don't ever try to play to "Their Strengths" - play to your own strengths which you will develop overtime and play to their weakneses, what they are not doing, what they are missing.

That, folks was my big realisation and "aha" moment over 5 years and 4 different niches, including one hell of a competitive one.

Now get out there and give yourself a fighting chance.

I'm curious - did you have any "aha" moments or big realisations?. Tell us all about the, below!

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CarlaNavarro Premium
Great post. Yes Jaxxy has so much for us to utilize.
Take time to learn this awsome system.
Again for the price of this amazing platform.
Great read!
DerekMarshal Premium
Jaxxy is a very powerful tool. The training should be upgraded a bit to include training on how to use the tool to its full potential.
lucbizz Premium
Great article! My "aha" moment was, whatever niche you go in, it has been done before..but should that scare me? NO! As you pointed out, don't start a fight with them ,but learn from, find their "clues" as you say. Mold them and make it your own to find your audience.
DerekMarshal Premium
That brilliantly put.

Each niche has a slice of the pie for every one to succeed in. Which ever you enter the niche will expand to accommodate you - this is how nature works. It makes two blades of grass grow where there once was one.


If you try to take any of your "competitors" audience Mother nature will give you nothing - she does not take from one to give to another, if, and only if you find and define your own audience by looking at what your "competitors" are not doing or weak points (where there will be an audience of their own) she will exand and give you slice of the pie by making two blade of grass grow where there once was one (i.e she will make the pie bigger so you have an ample slice and nobody loses out).
Hamish58 Premium
Great considered and very powerful advice thank you🧐
DerekMarshal Premium
Your welcome Hamish. Thank you for your kind words.
Hamish58 Premium
Always welcome Derek thanks🧐
DerekMarshal Premium
My Pleasure.
crytonewbies Premium
Wow great content of your post, it's help me to realize some points which i miss out. I have the"aha" moment now after reading your post: nailed it "give yourself a fighting chance" this is just the start of my learning process.... Thank you ;)
Looking forward to learn more from you.
DerekMarshal Premium
Hi Melanie,

Firstly welcome to WA!!. Take your time and enjoy the community and put in an effort over a period of time - we not a get rich quick here more a "put in the a continued effort and get rewarded later for your efforts and a sustainable business for the long term" kind of place than some flash in the pan success.

I look forward to learning a lot from you!. We all start at the same point* - beginners with no knowledge. Even world famous experts in their industry started off as beginners.

Perhaps even now you have some skills based on your own life experience that can help yourself as well as others (time management, productivity...etc etc).

Be sure to share them, it's the ethos of Wealthy Affiliate.

*All the great websites started off as just an idea, no content, nothing, just a blank website - even the huge ones like huff post and to where they are with hard work.
Stella2 Premium
This is very true, Derek.

I have a website that's a year old for a very popular product that a lot of big authority sites try to benefit from, even news sites.

But I found several keywords not being covered, and now those posts are ranked. One in particular is doing really well. The site makes sales pretty much everyday now.

It's climbing in clicks and impressions again, with a slight down spell when the pandemic first started in the States.

It only has 41 posts because the domain is specific to the product, and I ran out of keywords, and it's dry and boring. Lol

I've left it alone, just adding comments now and again to keep it active. I'm working on something I enjoy more that's a bit broader, with lots of room to grow.

But that original site with the posts that fill in the gaps is doing exactly what you're talking about. At least it will until the big guns figure the gaps out, too. haha

Stella :-)
DerekMarshal Premium
Now that is a Stellar Idea Stella!

**Shake's head and rolls his eyes!!**

(I just couldn't resist that cheese comment!).

41 posts and rocking it! - you know, I am a content machine (I write in excess of million+ words per year and 50-60 often more articles per month - it is my strong point and what I love!!).

Secretly, I get jealous of folks that create tiny sites (no offence) like 41 articles (3 weeks work for me!).

It is just fantastic how you can make a site like succeed and not get like I would - super nervous and trying to think of more content ideas!.

Have you thought about Internal linking campaign to boost rankings or appearing on the big sites with guest posts and leveraging their audiences?

many of the really big sites don't really bother with their content gaps at all - so don't worry about their being filled. In they content producers like I am the probability is they are leaving more gaps..I know I am!.

"Each niche has millions of keywords, you cant possibly cover them all, no site ever will" - Kyle!.

(meaning there are always gaps!).

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It just proves the point I am trying to make.
Stella2 Premium
Hahaha... That's funny. :-)

No, I never intended to stop at 41 posts, but I've scoured Jaaxy and can't find any more good keywords without repeating a lot of info and creating too much duplicate content. Same for checking out the competition. Nothing new there.

I've done a fair bit of internal linking, but you're right, there are probably other angles I could pursue. If it wasn't so boring and research intensive. Lol

I've gotten so sick of the site. I might even sell it later if stays up with earnings.

With my new project, I'm like you. I post an article every day, sometimes 2. It's a subject I know well and enjoy. I've decided it will be all I really focus on this year.

Thanks for the feedback and ideas. You never know, later I might pick at it again. :-)
DerekMarshal Premium
You can do link gap analysis too, basically the same concept but based on link building. Should solidify or improve your rankings. Who knows increase its value when it comes to selling.

Before you sell, look to optimise all you can for revenue and conversions - like add in media vine etc (if not already) particularly if your heart is on selling it.

For every US$100 gained you are looking at US$3,000 to US$4,000 in value.
Stella2 Premium
Cool, thanks for the info, Derek. I appreciate it. :-)