Picking A Fight You Can Win (Part 2)- A Keyword Research Technique

Last Update: May 20, 2020

Hi WA'rriors and WA'rriorettes,

In a Part 1 of Picking a fight you can win I mentioned how this can be done by finding the content gaps and topics that your competitors are not covering - effectively not competing with them directly but by covering the content they are not writing about.

(I was delighted to read in the comments one particular member built an entire site and business around the concept - proof enough it workd and you don't need to directly compete with others)

Another such way in which you can effectively "compete" with the big boys and their big sites is by following what is a key component of Wealthy Affiliates Training by selecting low competition keywords.

As a member, particularly if you are a long term member it might surprise you that many of the bigger more famous sites turn their noses up a creating content for low traffic, low competition keywords.

More often than not these keywords are a gold mine for traffic. Nothing beat a screenshot for solid proof of the matter.

Image: Month 12 of my site showing my top 8 articles.

All of those articles were written using low competition keywords, following what is taught by Kyle and Jay in the live videos.

Jay particularly advises 100x100 - 100 Traffic and 100 QSR Maximum. If you are experienced with the very simplistic and highly effective SEO taught here go for it. 100 Traffic - 100 QSR.

If you are new, building your first site and finding your way the world of affiliate marketing and not so familiar with the Search Engine Optimisation then, take baby steps stick with 50 x 50 - 50 searches and 50 QSR.

The amount of searches your target keyword gets is not indicative of the total traffic you can and will get - write your content well, and you will get considerably more. I never break the 100 x 100 rule.

Another effective technique is The Keyword Golden Ratio by Doug Cunnington (helpful resource, not spam) where in effect, you are taking a data driven approach and finding keywords that you can rank for.

The Keyword Golden Ratio & Jaaxy

Using Jaaxy you are looking for a maximum of 250 searches and a QSR of 65 maximum.

I have spoken with Doug, he is adamant his Keyword golden ratio (Note: a Link to a helpful resource, not spam!) is still effective in this day of similar keywords/search terms being bundled together in the Search Results Page -

E.g Wealthy Affiliate Review, Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam, Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit, Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit all get bundled together in the Search Results page.

I had some initial difficulties in ranking and getting traffic for articles I have written around the Keyword Golden Ratio having more success when adjusting it slightly to 100 searches and 40 QSR max when using Jaaxy.

I have made a basic SpreadSheet Here for you to use based on The Keyword Golden Ratio. Click File and then click "make a copy" to use as your own.

As for my top article on month 12 - if you glace your eyes back to the screenshot - 3,107 sessions.

That was an Island keyword - Traffic <10 and QSR 0!.

What Are Island Keywords?

Island keywords are ones that keyword research tools don't have enough data on, for a number of reasons, to generate any real search volume data and in some cases competing sites.

Not all island keywords will get you traffic like that or get you traffic at all. There are certain techniques to help you sniff out good quality island Keywords - more on that later!.

For now, stay safe, stay awesome, stick with the training and keep finding those low competition keywords.

Do you have a particular Keyword research technique you use? a specific way of finding that low hanging fruit?

If so, comment below!.

Talk soon,


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Dorrie1 Premium
Great information thank You
DerekMarshal Premium
Your welcome, My pleasure.
balilux Premium
DerekMarshal Premium
drptaylor Premium
Very helpful Derek, thanks! Can you just clarify on the 100x100 - is that a maximum or minimum for the Traffic? - Dave
DerekMarshal Premium
Great question Dave, thanks for asking.

The 100x100 is what you will hear Jay talk about frequently on the live webinars its 100 traffic (max) x 100 QSR (max) in Jaaxy.
LMH1968 Premium
Great info thank you for sharing.
DerekMarshal Premium
Thank you Lisa.
android6706 Premium
Thanks for the useful information Derek. please can you explain what an Island keyword is as I have many articles I could write with <10 QSR, but I have always avoided them?
DerekMarshal Premium
That is an article in itself, which I'll be explaining a little later. As there is a process I use to determine which ones are trash and will amount to nothing or very little traffic and ones that can lead to a very surprising amount.

It is another article itself to explain it fully.