April Accountability - Bitter Failure with a sweet twist or two.

Last Update: April 29, 2017

Hi Folks,

That time again a little accountability. Normally I only do these quarterly but something sweet happened during my failure to improve on last months record month ($720) - which was 3x my previous record almost!

Personally I was hoping to hit $1000 in what is only month 16/17 of my site

(It's month 17 in actuality but sometimes I take off a month as I was a newbie doobie and going through the training!)

$500 hardly seems like a great failure when I compare it to my fave test case study by Vickie (ItsVicky.com) who used the WA method to great success. In short month 16/17 which ever way I wish to see it held its own against a reputable case study that is also in the health niche.

Understanding The Failures

Those that know me, In Particular My Bro Don105 know I am not one for making excuses and for accepting responsibility and strategising why I did not succeed, hit my target and seek out ways to move forward.

One big reason was my merchant did not market their tax refund sale as heavily as they did last year (April 2016 month 4/5 my highest in 2016) and only on their program 1 month, also having been for most of the month 66% up on same period for previous month things were looking great then boom!

poor stock management and they were out of stock! by 20th!

(Serious bummer! major downer!)

Judging by my current (as 29th April) number of clicks and my average earnings per click (EPC) and conversion rate and ave commission rate (I am a serious stato! a numbers dude!) I would have broken the $800 barrier)

Or simply, increase my sales figure up 20th by 50% I am still up on previous month.

Lesson to learn form this is don't be too dependent on one single merchant and consider my own range of products and do my own stock management (my expertise).

Moving forward - more reviews of Amazon products and help redress the imbalance between this particular merchant and amazon (90%-10%) and perhaps seek out other merchants (iherbs? slowly introduce my own?)

April Work Done


Malaysia has fast internet! ..At last! well, a gift from the skys Hotlink offering 1gb daily free +6gb for 51 MYR ($11) and 8gb 4g connection (#TeamMalaysia Just #858 to claim the 1gb daily free). This allowed me to work much smoother.

Posts 25 published.

13 Outsourced

12 by me.

90 older posts fixed Thanks bro for spotting the error and a lot of stuff needing revised and improved. The constructive critique was very much appreciated.

Studying hard to get and fully understand google adwords (to advanced certification level). it does get pretty complicated (at least for newbie). I darn looking forward to running a few ads before hit with "otta stock" prob!

The Sweetness Behind Bitter Failure

Well two things to report on. Behind every dark cloud of failure there is a silver lining and both spell "K-A-C-H-I-N-G"

Kaching 1

A paused site of mine where I have done zero work for 2 months brought in $28.05 nice considering I done zero work to get it. I now know the potential of that niche if I actually put in some effort!

Kaching 2

Now this is ultra Uber cool!

It's only April - and I have already earned the same amount this year as I did last year! That pretty cool! Should mean I make very minimum 3x what I did in 2016 but more likely 4 or 5 times as much as I do more reviews, improve old content and gain authority with search engines. Only organically I am taking about - paid traffic as I practice with that and perfect it I ought to make even more.

My goal is to equal (organically) or better that case study site I love so much! $15k for year 2. Pretty doable - as long as my main merchant stays in stock and earn a bit more as I perfect my adwords skills.

I see 2017 being a great year!

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AlexEvans Premium
That is so good Derek, very motivating thank you .
ericpierre Premium
Sometimes to be able to progress you have to go one step back so you can make to steps forward. Bet May will be you're best month ever?
littlemama Premium
This is awesome Derek, great to see you're continually getting better results and earning more. You done a lot of work for April! Keep it up!
derekmarshal Premium
Thank you kindly for the positive encouragement Grace. May, I got the feeling is the month where I break the $1000 barrier.
littlemama Premium
Omg, I will be living vicariously through you! LOL. GO DEREK! DO IT!
derekmarshal Premium
Thank you kindly, Grace. Still out of stock and this is getting very annoying! 2 weeks now! I really do have "up my game" on Amazon or other merchants.
littlemama Premium
Dang, that sucks.. yeah can you find that product somewhere else?
waian Premium
Very inspiring post. Well done!