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Well,T'is the season to be cheerful..Tra-la la la la la lah!Nothing says Merry Christmas more than a record day as far as referrals go!. (3!)My little baby site 7 month 25 days old...The little folly has been running between the legs of the bigger horses this year..She still needs some love, some milk, some TLC, and taught how to run and jumpBut next summer...We are gonna gonna be ready for the races! Boom! Champion!. (and who said there would be a lul in traffic over the Xmas period!)..Anyway.
Waking Up 7am in Asian Sunshine...Checking Rankings... 7 months and 7 days old site. Lucky 7 as they say...King of Search 5x! Keep this up and I will one day wake up in Las WAgas! Sweet, and suddenly my Hill tribe Coffee is tasting much better!
Site monetization is an important aspect of running your business in the digital world, in part 1 we covered Multiple Income Streams in part 2 we covered the Coca-Cola Principle. In part 3 let's talk about the three M's?What Are The Three M's When you are building and establishing your site, perhaps it is a year old and already has traffic you can start to add in what I call the three M's. Part one was about building once particular source of income split across different product categories tha
This is a continuation of part 1 which can me seen hereWhy Is Coca-cola important to your site monetisation strategy?I bet that has you intrigued!. It is really a simple business principle that can be best described as having small degrees of separation in regards to which products they sell. In the case of Affiliate marketing it is what products an affiliate recommends on their site. Take coca-coal for example they sell Coca cola, Cherry Coca-cola, Diet Coca Cola (AKA Coca cola light), Coca co
Hi Folks. I often hear and see people talking about multiple streams of income, while this as a concept needs no explanation at all! Multiple streams of income is simply the creation of more than one source of income being generated. And yes, technically and perhaps in an ideal nightmare scenario, 2 or 3 part-time jobs can technically be classified as multiple sources of income.And that comes with a touch of irony...When most people, particularly New members of Wealthy Affiliate excited with th
Sweet Leapin' Jesus, 4 years already!. Good gosh I remember going through the starter membership and having a ton of questions and really eager to learn but absolutely terrified of SEO. So much so that other unnamed similar training programs after questioning them "Sorry Derek,Please don't join, we don't think you will be a good fit" Did not really do anything to reassure my fear of SEO. I had logically related Search Engine Optimisation with needing to know tech stuff and be one of those IT ki
Note: This Article can easily be titled why all SEO agencies are fake!Dear all content marketers and bloggers, What is Traffic?...I mean,What is the best way to get more organic traffic to existing content? Some fancy pants SEO technique? Link Building? Guest Posting? Skyscraper content?Super long stuff 10,000 words plus?Is it writing super fantastic content best on the net and out doing you competition?We all rack our brains training to "out do" competitors. We all want more and we want it NOW
SAT: Super Affiliate TrainingSup Y'all.Hope all your blogging fabulously well, my apologies as this is a little late by 10 days. I kept my A$$ ofs the beach during "Blogustus" and keeping myself busy.This series of blogs is to document my own progress, as Jerry H puts it fabulously in his mind sent training you can only connect the dots looking backwards.Month 1 (May Results)Month 2 (June Results)Month 3 (July Results)And now for Month 4.SAT Month 4, Aug'19 Double Trouble Yell!No Of Post Publis
September 10, 2019
Hi Folks. Anyone noticed this when searching for local ads "google guarnteed" What does that mean and how does ones get guaranteed by google?Those ads appeared in position one above the regular PPC ads - even though they are sponsored.
Just checking out my serps, two lovely surprises - top 5 for a high volume targeted keyword.Checked out another main keyword, generally I am 9/10 Checking out this LSI term...I got this (see image) top of the serps...Obviously, that little man b*tch in the pink shirt is moi!. Greened out - site name. Quite curious if anyone else has seen search performance for queries for target/LSI queries. Curiously, for my target keyword (5th) this does not appear. Quite surprised to see it. Anyone esle seei