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Hi WA'rriors And WA'rriorettesBuilding an online business is a long term game, by heck this is not my first nor my last blog that I will be building - why, well, I am the kind of guy who genuinely loves all aspects of blogging and the whole skill set of it all and improving upon that. Looking back a year ago - month 3, by that point I had not yet gotten my first sale and was only beginning to make progress in terms of the number of starter referrals. July 2019 (month 3): Organic Search Traffic
July 07, 2020
Hi WA'rriors and WA'rriorettes I'll make this a quick a oneIf you are wondering just how awesome WA is or people getting tagged to their initial referrer - the real benefit of lifetime cookies and, as I noticed those that create a starter account - pegged to their referring affiliate to the end of time!. The omni presence of WA is such that eventually your starter referrals will see a lot of chitter chatter, great reviews and positive talk else where online via other channels like facebook, Tik
Hi WA'rriors and WA'rriorettesCelebrating all the successes is great, it's good and keeps up on the road to consistency and reaching new levels. In June, I reached 126 Starter referrals from 11,600 Organic Search Traffic. What is quite notable is I managed this, 2x the amount of referrals I got in April from 13,800 Organic Traffic. Less traffic and more referrals.We cry, we bitch, we screeeam and we get mad about it when google shakes things up but sometimes, just sometimes they take away some
Hi Folks, Given that in the world of the internet we come across a whole bunch of baloney and wild income claims - what is the craziest you have ever seen?. I'd had to screen shot this - I simply typed it out you would all be like...ahhh Typo!! Derek means an M instead of a B. Nope!,Well,I guess this one blows all those Warrior Forum "Earn US$10,000 in the next 4 days" out of the water. Enter....With 4Bn between now and Mid October I'll be buying more than my dream car!....My dream private isla
Hi WA'rriors and WA'rriorettes. Lately I am seeing a lot of encouraging posts by successful members that are involved in all kinds of niches including one of the most competitive and difficult ones - the Make Money Online niche who are all saying in some part of of their posts the following 3 words Don't Give Up!Sadly, some people do give up far too easily - for one reason or another be it seeing instant success and get rich quick scheme - stick to buying lottery tickets - (the ultimate get ri
Hi WA'rriors and WA'rriorettes, We have all seen it on Jaaxy, Google's own Keyword tool and a variety of others and been a dejected at such a great Keyword and topic idea that we had...only to see <10 traffic. What does that mean?. Well, It means you might just have an island keyword on your hands!. Zero or <10 traffic does not always mean the particular keyword always has no traffic or fewer than 10 searches per month - although, as a word of warning this might just be the case! - so be
Hi WA'rriors and WA'rriorettes, In a Part 1 of Picking a fight you can win I mentioned how this can be done by finding the content gaps and topics that your competitors are not covering - effectively not competing with them directly but by covering the content they are not writing about. (I was delighted to read in the comments one particular member built an entire site and business around the concept - proof enough it workd and you don't need to directly compete with others)Another such way in
Hi Folks, Just checked my Google Search Console - To my surprise finally rolled over the 1 Million impressions mark - something I am have been aiming at since the beginning of the year. It has taken a year and 13 days to reach that benchmark of "a cool one million!". Next stop is 1.5, and ultimately 3 million - 1 million impressions per month. Hopefully though by then I'll have double the rather low CTR and an average position of less than 20. Note that this is over a 3 month period. For one re
Hi WA'rriors and WA'rriorettes, When I first got started at Wealthy Affiliate I was completely terrified of Search Engine Optimisation - the thought of it got me shaking like a leaf and that is no exaggeration. When even the thought or question of SEO came up - it used to make me go all negative and frustrated at the very thought. In fact, Other training programs turned me away "We think you are not a good fit for us, please don't join our program!". Nobody, but nobody explained that SEO is so
Let's face it if you wanna go ducki' an' divin' bob'in and weavin' with Mike Tyson you better be be prepared to lose!. So, If you want to go "toe-to-toe" and win, knock out your competitor flat out choose them wisely!. All of your high ranking competitors be the boxers or other websites in your niche they all leave a fingerprint, their DNA will be all over the web, and particular all over search. Even the high ranking "heavyweights". Study them. Study them smartly. All your competitors will hav