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How do we support each other? vacuum cleaner

How do we support each other? vacuum cleaner

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I'm wondering if WA members support each other's sites. For instance, I'm interested in purchasing a vacuum cleaner. How do I know if another WA member's site has links for the

You do find that there are small groups of members that support each other, it's finding them, as it's not widely advertised.
It's been suggested before, as it could prove to be mutually beneficial, even more so for those who need regular sales (Amazon affiliates).
It's being able to set it up without it turning in to one big commercial marketplace.
Something akin to a 'directory' might be more workable, maybe.

You received some great response Denise, hope it all work out for you.


Thanks Elizabeth. Just a thought to help us all make some money and get ranked :)

Could you explain more, yeah like more. You look like an interesting person.

Hello Garry,

I think it would be great if there was a list or a search engine somewhere on WA that lets us know what products other members are reviewing and affiliate marketers for. There should be some way to find that information other than looking at everyone's profiles. Of course, only those members that wanted to be on the list that is. My for instance is that I want to buy a vacuum cleaner. I'd search for that and go check out some sites and possibly link somewhere to purchase it. It would please me that some other WA member made a commission.


I had the same idea when I wanted to buy a CBD heater and remembered commenting on someone’s site who was selling CBD. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember their name, but I wanted to check out their cite again and see if I should get what they were promoting

Aaah! Right! Yes thats a great idea. You should be bottled. I mean it, I really do. I'm laughing out loud at the moment.

So here is my twenty cents worth: Write an in house blog and ask.
Why didn't I think of this?
Members only need say, "Yes that's me" and then you could go to their profile to find their website.


Every now and then you get to know someone in the same niche as you, but the only way to actually know us to checkout the profile if all your followers and those you follow.

Not that I know of but it is a great idea! You should message Kyle or Carson and see what they have to say!

Okay, I will ask and let you know.


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