Best Way to Ask Questions on WA?

Last Update: Sep 7, 2020

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Hello All,

What is the best way to ask a question so that many people see it on WA, and that you get some good input? Before you link me a training, make sure it is up to date. I just looked at one and it said that you can ask question using the pencil shape in the upper tool bar. That appears to have changed. If I use chat, the only people that will see have to be on and reading chat.

I ended up going to the most relevant lesson in the training, and adding a question after the training. I just noticed there is 2 tabs there. One for comments and One for questions. By the way, my question has to do with why I had a sudden spike in views 1 hour this week from a country that I have never had any views from before. My site is pretty new and is lucky to have single digit views in a day. Last Friday, I had almost 50 views and 40 were from United Arab.

What feature in WA labels something as a New Question and sends out notifications as such? Is it by using the Question Tab after a lesson and/or when commenting and WA sees that it is a quesion and asks if you want feedback from the community. (yes/no). I thought I once put a question at the bottom of my dashboard, but my dashboard seems to go on forever now a days.

Thanks for any insight you can share.


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I usually do it in a blog--add a question mark and then click YES.

I go to the help center on the left and click on ask question.

Thanks LIsa. I knew there was a way I asked a question before that I could not remember!


You are very welcome, the other way is what Phil said put a question mark at the end.

Hi There Denise , Here is a good example of a question I asked this morning which got some great answers. If you put a question mark at the end you will be asked if you want this to go to members as a question which is how I found this. I got an email notification. You do need to be signed up for them though.

So my process is as follows, I go to the top bar and ask the question and see if any training comes up. To be honest that answers most of them even if it is a bit older in time posted.

Then if I can't find an answer I post the question in the appropriate classrom making sure I say its a question I want an answer to. The question mark is key.

I also found this advice very useful. I hope that helps. Did you get an answer by the way I am now intrigued! All the best, Phil

Thanks very much Phil. And of course the BLUF training is excellent as ChrystopherJ did it :)


Hi Denise,

When you go to your WA profile, you can use the Question feature next to My Blog. (See the picture attached here).
That way, you can keep the questions and answers and monitor it easily. You can always go back to it without hunting it down in the forum discussion under each lesson.

I saw that you have used it once yesterday. :)

Hope this helps,

Hello Amelia,

I must have stumbled upon it when searching. Thanks!


No worries.

Regarding your question, maybe you can find the answers within your Google Analytics. See if thee clicks are genuine clicks, not spam bots.

I found this article on Google:


Excellent article Ferra. Thanks much for sharing!


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