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Last Update: July 13, 2019

This is a quickie blog about, you guessed it, Site Comments.

In the few months I have been active in Wealthy Affiliate, I have seen mixed opinions in regard to the Site Comments platform. Sadly a number of people appear to avoid using Site Comments.

I personally think it is a very useful platform. I regularly leave comments, and enjoy doing so. I am not going to go into how to do this correctly, there has been so much written here about this, you don't need my advice.

What Is This Post About?

Good question. I submit every new post for comments, and have learned so much from the comments left for me. I have also learned how to respond to them, a skill I am still working on.

My last post, which was to do with pet insurance, received 5 great and very valid comments. I only requested 1 comment. From the training here at WA, I now have a chance to practice replying in an engaging manner and leaving relevant links.

Over and Out

So to sum up, Site Comments, is in my humble opinion, another great tool/resource offered to us here at WA.

If you don't already use it, maybe, you should give it a go.

Thanks to the people who left me the great comments on this last post, I appreciate it.

Have a great day


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EdwinBernard Premium
Denise, I second your sentiments on Site Comments!

DeniseAS Premium
Hi Edwin, thank you, have a great day, Denise.
Dave07 Premium
I agree 100% with what you say in your post and also with what Robert said in his reply. The site comments are a very valuable tool (when used as intended) and i have learned much both by giving and receiving comments. I also believe that its been hugely beneficial in getting my posts ranked
DeniseAS Premium
Hi Dave, as Kyle teaches, comments are valuable to our sites, and this is such a convenient way to get interaction, especially when you have a new site. I am pleased to hear you make use of it. Thanks for your comment, have a great day, Denise.
JKulk1 Premium
It's not the tool that's the problem. It's how some people use it. Jim
DeniseAS Premium
Hi Jim, yes I have had a few comments that I was unsure of, but on the whole I have had great feedback. Thanks for your comment, have a great day, Denise.
Tmgreen Premium Plus
I agree with you on Site Comments. I comment on others to get credits to get comments for my own posts. I have not purchased any credits as of yet. Primarily because I believe in the value of the tool. I do wish more people would use it.

DeniseAS Premium
Hi Michael, I think it is like a number of the resources/tools on offer here at WA, it takes time to discover and learn to use them. I head straight to site comments with a new blog. Thank you for your comment, have a great day, Denise.
Robwarneck Premium
I probably use the site comments more than I should! Kidding! In one week I commented on 50 posts and got certified, during this though I not only learned how to give better comments, but also received great comments. I like you, request a comment on each of my new posts. Yes after fifty, for every two comments, you can earn .50 cents. However I ask for a comment per every 2 credits earned , because by doing so, it has gotten my posts and website not only indexed with google but on the first page of Google and on both Yahoo and Bing. Creating good content, using proper keywords, and receiving comments on your posts , I honestly believe has helped me to be able to rank so high on the search engines so soon for only being with Wealthy Affiliate for just under 3 months. I of course have so much more to learn, but Denise I wholeheartedly agree, that folks should definitely utilize the site comments and the site feedback; I know it has helped me tremendously.

DeniseAS Premium
Hi Robert, thanks for your response, I agree totally with you. I only use the site comments for feedback and to give feed back, I never build up points, I use them immediately. Have a great day, Denise.