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Hi all following on from my post saying I was leaving, I am not sure if this is possible or even allowed.My website is in the pet niche, was reviewed on Jay's latest website training, and got a very positive response.If anyone would like to take it over or use some of my blogs, obviously changing to add their style and affiliate links, or reapplying to the links I already have, I would be happy to do so. They only cost would be taking over my domain in about 6 months. If you think you may be
Hi all it is a long time since I have blogged. I have decided to end my time with Wealthy Affiliate.I have loved being here, but making a full time income off the internet and working from home is my top priority. I have had an MLM business quietly running in the background, (I originally signed on to pay for my product and maybe get a small amount of business). I have been chatting and posting more and more on social media about my MLM business as I am totally impressed with the health prod
I have been working on my new Wealthy Affiliate Site, so have for a short while 'parked' my niche website. This morning I woke up to an email telling me to moderate a comment left on my site. Side note, I currently have the flu, and my brain is working on slow mode. I sat staring at the comment for about 2 minutes trying to remember when I left this post at site comments. Eventually the penny dropped, I had just received my FIRST ever generic comment, on my niche site.I know this is old new
July 13, 2019
This is a quickie blog about, you guessed it, Site Comments.In the few months I have been active in Wealthy Affiliate, I have seen mixed opinions in regard to the Site Comments platform. Sadly a number of people appear to avoid using Site Comments. I personally think it is a very useful platform. I regularly leave comments, and enjoy doing so. I am not going to go into how to do this correctly, there has been so much written here about this, you don't need my advice. What Is This Post Abou
As some of you may know I live and work on a Kiwi Fruit farm in New Zealand. For the last 2 months the work slowed right down and I was able to indulge myself 100% in Wealthy Affiliate. Sadly reality always has a way of intruding on my fun and I have started back on the farm full time again. This is my reality, like so many other members here, until I can replace my income with my affiliate business. I have only been back at my paying job for 2 days, and it has increased my determination to
I am one of those boring community members who constantly tells new members to follow the training, stick with the training, do the training, you get the idea?Here Is Why!Going through site content I could not see the G highlighted on one of my posts from about a month ago. I headed off to Search Console, only to find I have been indexed.Jaaxy Site RankOff I go to site rank and insert my indexed page, only to find the following:-Google Page 1, Position 1Bing Page 1, Position 1Yahoo, Page 1, Po
June 03, 2019
Hello all newbies, is Amazon driving you demented?This is a quick blog inspired by the comments and questions I keep seeing here in the Wealthy Affiliate Community.Amazon Affiliate ProgramAs we go through our training we are obviously taught to become affiliate members of different opportunities, Amazon being a biggie. Before I think I had even 10 blogs on my website I applied to and was accepted by Amazon, this is good and bad. Rules Rules RulesOnce you are a member of their Assoicate Program
What are manners? My dictionary describes them as:-a person's outward bearing; way of speaking to and treating others:More and more it seems to me that we are living in a world that does not place high value on the use of manners, and this is so sad. Are Manners Old Fashioned?Every day when I drop my 6 year old son at school, I remind him to look at his teacher, and greet him by name. This is just one of the polite habits I am trying to instill in him. His teacher remarked to me the other d
Hi WA family, there is a scam email going around asking people to update their financial information, don't fall for it. They appear to be trying to get the email improved as they are sending it out, here is my screen shot.Don't fall for it, Denise.
First thing this morning I headed to my computer ready to roll out another blog for my site, only to find my mind felt exactly like the image above. Dry And Lacking IdeasI tried my normal trick of playing with phrases in Jaaxy to spark an idea, still nothing, nada, nix, zilch. I surfed the net, went onto my Google notifications, played with the alphabet soup, and only ended up hungry. Three coffees later, some toast and a few chores under my belt, I came back to work, nope still a barren min