Technology might drive me crazy!

Last Update: June 19, 2015

Sometimes I want to grab technology by the throat and throw it out the window!

Recently, the headphone jack on my laptop decided it was no longer going to co-operate. Soooo, being sick of cables all over the place, I got smart and went off and bought a pair of Akai Bluetooth Headphones!

I tried it out first, on my iPad. Works like a dream! Then I paired it with my iPhone. Works like a dream!

But I particularly wanted it to use with my laptop, a Sony Vaio (ok, it is 8 years old now) so that I can listen to and watch my training tutorials and other DVD tutorials which I have, on the laptop.

Would my laptop co-operate with my shiny, new headphones? Not a chance. It would just not pair up. The laptop found the device and kept on saying "loading drivers" then just when you thought it was going to be ok, up pops the message "drivers not loaded successfully". Try as I might, I could not get them paired up, so I decided to try on my little notebook. Same story! My neighbour tried; he even brought round his little USB bluetooth thingie but that didn't work either.

So maybe I wasn't so smart after all....maybe I should have bought a Wireless headset instead? Unless, anyone have a spare Apple Mac lying around that they'd like to get rid of?? LoL!

After wasting a fair amount of hours, I finally retreated back to my little corner in the sitting room to watch my WA tutorials on my iPad with my headphones firmly attached to my ears!

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allchristie Premium
Sometimes my computer work reminds me of my playing a clarinet without talent (why I went for my tremelo harmonica - to make as much noise as I want without being rated by experts). You will survive technology. Larry
Timard Premium
I think tech will all drive us crazy in the long run.
Lazyblogger Premium
Hey Denise, I do not pay them any mind. They suppose to be so smart and they can't figure it out themselves. I drive them in the corner. Good for you, just continue with your tutorials the best way you see fit. As Digger says: "You-Go-Girl"

Denise68 Premium
Thanks Bishop!
DIGGER12 Premium
LOL I hear you on that :-) many times I wanted to throw the whole computer out the window.. and the printer right behind it. Might be tie for a new computer, they don't make things to last like they used to :-) Good for you though you kept on going, and you found a way to do the lessons ;-) You go girl :-)
Denise68 Premium
Great, I'm not the only one then! Worryingly, I think you're right, a new laptop may be needed! Just for fun, I went to the Apple shop to drool over their offerings. The laptop I really liked is a mere GBP 1,600.00. Going to need a lot of WA sales to get that one!
Have a super day!