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Do we have to totally succumb to Technology?We have a variety of neighbours in the complex where we live and they range in age from the late 50's to the late 90's years of age.Some of them are computer literate but many of them aren't. One of our lovely gentlemen, in his 80's, is extremely vocal about technology. Whilst he does use the computer and a mobile phone he still prefers to write with a pen and deal with issues on a one to one, face to face, human being basis and is passionate abo
Sometimes I want to grab technology by the throat and throw it out the window!Recently, the headphone jack on my laptop decided it was no longer going to co-operate. Soooo, being sick of cables all over the place, I got smart and went off and bought a pair of Akai Bluetooth Headphones!I tried it out first, on my iPad. Works like a dream! Then I paired it with my iPhone. Works like a dream!But I particularly wanted it to use with my laptop, a Sony Vaio (ok, it is 8 years old now) so that
June 13, 2015
Since my last progress report I don't seem to have progressed much more!In fact, today, after viewing some of our WA member websites, I felt positively depressed! They look so bright and professional and shows me just how little I know so forgive me if I don't comment on too many sites at the moment, I just don't feel qualified enough.I did create another post and managed to get it onto Google+ but it doesn't look right and I'm not sure why. If anyone can look at it and advise me I would app
June 08, 2015
It has been three weeks since I joined WA, two of those weeks as a premium member. The speedy response and help offered by the WA community is awesome. Thank you.What have I achieved so far?As a total newbie, I started a siterubix website, created pages and blogs.I have bought my own domain and transferred my siterubix website to that domain.There is still a huge amount I need to learn, like pointing from a specific page to relevant information elsewhere, how to organise my home page, how t
May 31, 2015
I have just upgraded to Premium and am feeling really excited. That can only be a good thing! I know there will be times when I will feel overwhelmed, confused or disheartened so it's a huge help having so many WA friends out there who are willing to help and encourage me.My income has largely been earned over the last dozen years by doing live-in care work for a fortnight at a time every month. But now my husband has Parkinson's disease and has also recently been diagnosed with prostate