Applying the 5 R's of Learning at WA

Last Update: January 30, 2016

You might have heard about the 5R's of Learning before when you are still studying. It simply focuses on the 5 things that a learner should follow in order to learn effectively and achieved a good mark in a particular subject or topic. This could also be an effective way or method of achieving your goals in life.

The five R's of Learning are:

  • Responsibility
  • Resourcefulness
  • Resilience
  • Reasoning
  • Reflection

How could we apply this in order to achieve our goals here at WA? Allow me to discuss each one to explain to you the benefits of following this method of learning here at WA.


It means to take action by planning ahead in order to achieve your desired goals. Being a part of the community here at WA, I have the responsibility to set a clear plan of objectives on how to learn the program on affiliate marketing. I could only achieve this if I could set myself a clear plan of objectives which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

A specific example would be:

Specific: To be put a website for my chosen niche

Measurable: To learn the program on how to build a website set by WA

Achievable: To focus on learning every detail about the program and ask questions if necessary.

Realistic: To be able to build the website by following the step by step procedures in building a website.

Time-bound: To be able to open my website and received traffic in two weeks time.

This is my way of gaining responsibility in order to achieve my specific goal in building my website. How about you? How do you take responsibility for your own learning?

Now that you have taken responsibility, it is about time to be resourceful which is our next topic for discussion.


It means to utilize imagination by simply exploring in order to come up with a good idea for the content of your chosen niche. You have to use your creative mind to research, reading related articles in journals, books and going to another website for links. You could also read some comments, feedbacks or reviews related to your niche in order to come up with new ideas. Asking questions is a good way of creating new ideas for your content. How do you utilize your resourcefulness? Are you also applying the same method as I do?

By being resourceful, you would likely produce a good content and be able to attain resiliency in times of crisis. This is the next topic that we are about to discuss.


It means to be able to stand up or rise again in times of crisis or failures in life. This means embracing positivity in the light of negative situations. Are you a resilient person? How would you apply this if there will be occasions that you are getting less traffic in your website? Would you allow negativity to reign in you or would you rather find the solution in order to improve your content and attract a lot of traffic? Remember there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. It is up to you to be able to see it by moving forward and not to turn your back on it. Improving your content by searching for good or essential keywords that would compliment your content is the best thing to do in order to overcome negativity and finally be able to be on the right track again.

Then you would ask yourself. Why does this happen? Is my website not good enough to attract traffic or do I have to explore more or even change my content? This is the topic that we are about to explore next.


It means choosing the best method for solving a problem or issue by taking the time to review and gather all the pieces of evidence to solve an existing problem. Are you applying this method of reasoning? Do you review your content in order to improve it? Gathering information from other sources is the best thing to do in order to solve the issue of getting less traffic. You have to do constant research by reviewing articles, updating yourself to the latest trends in relation to your content. By doing this, it will enhance your content and eventually resolve the issue about getting less traffic and earning less revenue.

You have to review your content and reflect on the things that you have to do in order to be on the top of the search engine. This is the next topic that we are about to discuss next.


It means learning from mistakes by digging deeper or analysing the facts that had happened in order to come up with a good solution to prevent it from happening again. Do you always practice reflection every day whenever you encountered a problem? It could be anywhere from your workplace, in the shops or even in the comforts of your own home. This is the method that really helps me in dealing with everyday issues in life. Reflecting will help you grow mentally and emotionally. It is somehow similar to meditation. But reflecting improves your level of thinking by being a critical thinker. You will learn to analyse situations in a critical way by connecting everything that is related to the current problem in order to come up with a better solution. Take for instance about writing your content. How would you be able to produce an excellent content to your niche? Do you reflect on the way you write your content? Does it allow a room for further discussion with the readers? Do you utilise open-ended questions to get feedback or do you allow your readers to explore their imagination? Whatever your style is you won't be able to attract more traffic if you won't allow your readers to reflect on the content that you have created.

Well, this is it! The 5R's of Learning that you could apply here at WA. You could follow this method or if you have another method that you can share with the WA Community, please feel free to COMMENT below and hit the LIKE button just to say thank you for reading my blog.

Have a nice learning day!

Adel :)

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Very good lessons and thank you for sharing
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Thank you, Paul : )
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Very comprehensive. Good Job. Thanks Adel.
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You are welcome, Vivian and thank you as well for your wonderful comment. It's good to know that you have learn a lot.
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Wow Adel, great blog full of actionable tips thank you.
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Adel - you covered a lot in a readable blog. Lots of good information I need to be reminded of, often. More to the point, I need to make it all part of my life. Thanks.. Larry
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You are very welcome, Larry. It's good to know that it helps you think and be reminded of the way you have to learn. Thank you as well for your comment.
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Nice post. Thanks.
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