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Yeah, you heard it right! It's my second year here in Wealthy Affiliate. Years pass by so quickly but it feels like my progress is still taking slowly. It has been four months since I last posted here. I have been busy sorting out many things that I need to make a leave of absence here and attend to some important work and family matter. Now, that everything has been sorted, I think it's time for me to come back and take action to accomplish things that needed some work in my website. I haven't
September 06, 2017
Today had been a great day for me on my day job. I felt the positive flow of energy inside me and experienced an overwhelming joy!I was able to accomplish the tasks that I needed to do with less supervision and received a good compliment for a job well done from my colleagues at work. As you may not be aware, I am undergoing a speciality training which was one of the reason why I have not been that active in posting recently here and in my website.Today, I did a great job and also had been ac
September 03, 2017
I have crossed the top 200 mark! Another milestone of achievement that will serve as a motivating factor for me to move forward and to continue what I have already started. I know that ranking here, at WA is a proof of how much activities we are doing and how we are able to provide help to our fellow WA's through our posts, pieces of training, comments and suggestions. Answering questions through pm and live chat is also one of the metrics that could help us increase our rank. As I have menti
Today, I will talk about Prioritisation. I think this is what I need right now because I have been busy doing a lot of things lately. I was not able to prioritise effectively to the extent that I got too overwhelmed and felt stressed and exhausted. Although I was able to manage it, my time management is a bit poorly because I have to resort to taking overtime because I want to get things done right away to avoid delay. This is what I usually do because of my busy work schedules at home and at m
August 15, 2017
After several months of hibernation ( 3 months to be exact), I finally decided to come back and visit you all, my WA family. It's nice to be back again! I miss all the updates and the chat. I have not gone totally because I still read some of the updates from some of the members here although I am not actively commenting on them. I was busy working on my site but have recently stopped because of family and work commitments. I was busy attending to my children's school activities and transition
If you want to find niche ideas for your website, I highly recommend anyone who is not familiar with Quora, it is a site that you can find and ask questions that you are interested in and get amazing answers from the brilliant minds of different people who contribute to the website.They are people from different walks of life who are experts in their own fields. You can look for your topic of interest using the search bar and find all the questions related to that topic. These are
I have come across these 2 articles that speak about your website's potential and how to increase its conversion rate.No site is perfect, not even the one that earns high commissions or generates a lot of revenue. You will always learn something new to add to it and of course, your website will always need further development and the best optimization.Therefore it makes sense to periodically check for increased potential for more revenue and then improve the website to that effect.If you want t
In the past two weeks, I took a challenge by going on a free trial fitness classes and so far I'm loving it! I have been thinking about this for a few months now to enrol in a fitness class because I want to lose weight and be physically fit and active. Because of my busy schedule at work and at home, I find it hard to find the time. But I need to squeeze it in and find the time to do some physical exercise if I want to achieve this goal.To lose weight and be physically fit is one of my goals
This week is World Autism Awareness Week 2017( 27th March to 2nd April) and in order to participate in the celebration,I started doing a campaign for my niche on my Social Media Accounts, By doing this, I will be able to reach as many parents who needed support and also to raise autism awareness and understanding.I set a goal to myself to reach at 500 shares on my landing page without having to pay for social ads by the 2nd of April which was The World Autism Awareness Day. I was amazed to see
As I have mentioned in my previous post,, I was about to conduct my first parent seminar-workshop on Autism this March. It was supposed to be done last February but because it will coincide with another parents workshop, we have to postpone it and rescheduled it to another date.I was able to present it last Tuesday (14th Of March) and I am so excited to tell you all now that my First Parent Seminar-Workshop on Understanding Autism was a Succ