What is 'Trackback' and what should I do?

Last Update: December 12, 2017

This morning when I opened my emails, I saw the following mail:


'A new trackback on the post "2 Steps To Building Wealth" is waiting for your approval

Website: URL (IP address:, h37-220-22-187.host.redstation.co.uk)
URL: http://www.KoI6XV.net
Trackback excerpt:
<strong>... [Trackback]</strong>

[...] Read More: mywealthydomain.com/2-steps-to-building-wealth [...]'


Should I approve it or could it be a spam? This is the first time I have come across 'Trackback'. I tried searching and found another word 'pingback'... Now I am totally confused. Need some help/explanation/tutorial on this.


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Kyle Premium Featured Comment
These are called pingbacks as well (or trackbacks) and it happens when another site links to yours. Often times this is a form of backlink spamming as these people are hoping that you will publish their comment and get a backlink themselves.

I personally don't allow pingback messages to even show up within my comment area. They are useless and a nuisance. You can delete them within your Settings => Discussion under the top Default Article Settings.

Uncheck the "Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)" checkbox and this will no longer happen. (see attached image for reference as well)
DeepikaJ Premium
Thank you for the explanation, Kyle. Makes perfect sense!
HelenpDoyle Premium
Kyle, I just started getting some of these. I followed your above instructions and unchecked the box.

I got another one today so went back to Discussion and the box is still unchecked. But then I noticed it now says 'Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new articles'.

The one today was re an old image. The previous one was an old post.

So is there something else I can do to prevent this.
Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you Kyle much appreciated

Have a great day

deanlilly1 Premium
If you don't know where it is from or from whom, I would leave it alone.
MKearns Premium
More than that. Disable/get rid of!
SurfsideBob Premium
It CAN be a spamming technique, though not always. It has been my understanding over the years to disable trackbacks.
MKearns Premium
Let's hope it doesn't involve a spamming technique!
DeepikaJ Premium
certainly looks like a spam with the source URL reading http://www.KoI6XV.net

WLusink Premium
I found this on google:

"A trackback is a form of “blog conversation” that links two or more relevant blog entries together. One blogger writes an article that references or is relevant to another blog’s article and fills out the trackback section. When the blogger publishes the article the blog leaves a trackback on the other blog’s article, which usually appears in the comments area as a truncated summary with a link."

So I guess you should see what the trackback is all about and if you like the link on your site, then by all means approve the comment.

I am new to this, but I'm guessing that in many cases these trackbacks are more of the spam kind, so if the content is not relevant to your site, then just delete the comment.

The other day I received an email of some dude who wanted to put a link to my site on his site, and in the process was telling me how, and where I HAD to put a link to his site on my sidebar.
Needless to say, I will not be told by anyone what I MUST do with my site, so I deleted the email.
This was my first encounter with this kind of backlinking habits, but I'm afraid more will come. <-- this does however tell me that I'm on to something with my site, and the same goes for you. :-)
DeepikaJ Premium
While I am for link exchange or cross promoting relevant websites, it should be done with prior approval and understanding and the 'how' cannot be directed to the site-owner. I am definitely not in favour of surprise emails like this. No body would like to associate with an unknown entity, even if it is an angel...certainly not me!
sukumarth Premium
Deepika, I was just about to ask the question here because I got two trackback notifications today in the comments section of a post of mine. I haven't approved them as I didn't know what they were. I searched for it in Google and it threw up many answers which are not very clear. I will be waiting for a response here from other more resourceful members. But it's a strange coincidence that you are getting these trackback comments too at almost the same I did. Spam?
DeepikaJ Premium
That is weird...hope this is not a newly found spamming technique, but a new way for monetizing our websites :)