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Hi WA family, It has been just about 6 days away from you all and it already seems a lifetime. Yes, I am on a vacation to my home country and it has been hectic...real hectic. 28 hours of journey, stop over at Dubai meeting a school time friend after 3 decades +, meeting my younger sibling after 3 years, sharing our life stories, subjected to a credit card fraud which has burnt a hole in my pocket, hopefully, al!! a journey of mixed emotions - thrill, boredom, excitement, nosta
December 25, 2017
Hi WA family,Hope you all are having a fabulous Christmas celebration with family and friends. You must have opened your presents under the Christmas Tree and checked your Christmas Stockings and more importantly got what you had wished for!It would be interesting to know what did Santa get for you and did it meet your expectation or not...Do share with all in the community how did you celebrate your Christmas, what you wished for and did you get your wish fulfilled?CheersDeepika
December 12, 2017
Finally, after a long time an exciting day at WA for me when I could accomplish a few things that have been bugging me fr some time - have been wanting to do these things but somehow, it was not happening.After unsuccessfully trying to become an Amazon Associate (don't know why) for last 3 attempts in 3 months, 4th time proved lucky and now I am an Amazon Associate. Yayy! Secondly, after giving 'Thanksgiving', 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday' a miss, I did manage to create a Gift Guide for
This morning when I opened my emails, I saw the following mail:----------------------------------------------------------------------------'A new trackback on the post "2 Steps To Building Wealth" is waiting for your approval URL (IP address:, http://www.KoI6XV.netTrackback excerpt:<strong>... [Trackback]</strong>[...] Read More:
Everything seemed to be working fine with Google Analytics, Search Console, et al until the last week. However, on December 1, when I logged in to Search Console, it welcomed me as a rank newcomer.There was no trace of my websites, whatsoever. I was prompted to add my websites to the search console, submit my sitemaps, etc. etc. - all the steps that I had gone through and completed more than a month ago. Now I do not understand what happened to the indexing that Google had done for my websites
The euphoria of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday has subsided, it is visible from the reduced number of blogs on the WA platform. My last minute efforts to at least get a few referrals have just evinced a bit of interest from a couple of friends but has not gone beyond as they themselves got busy in selling their wares and making a killing. Even the excitement which I could feel while window shopping - online and offline - has now returned to normal. The days begin with a prayer to t
Black is Beautiful....have heard this phrase many a times and personally, too, I like black as a color...including Black Friday :). Extending that to my presence in WA, I built my first website on a black background with white text and I think it looks fabulous. The text stands out, pictures stand out, the adverts. stand out and it is different from the run-of-the-mill white-background-black-text websites.However, a few of my WA family members have expressed their reservation while giving me a
Since the time I have come to the western part of the world - and it has been quite long at that - I have always been intrigued about the Black Friday event. The first time when I had heard about Black Friday I assumed it to be a day to mourn about something (taking a cue from the phrase 'Black day in the history...). However, before I could embarrass myself saying out my perception of BF, I saw the excitement which people used to display talking about BF sales and that is when I realised that
November 21, 2017
So, finally, the training is complete. Now the nest step - Focus on traffic and revenues. While I definitely thank Kyle for the training videos and lessons and tasks, a BIG thank you to all the wonderful members who have jumped to help in making things clearer with additional support in terms of member blogs, videos and training. Rest assured, I will keep bothering you all.Cheers!
In the third month at WA, that real traffic is still elusive. A few people do trickle in but that is when you request for comments and the wonderful WA family members respond. In the search of that elusive real traffic, all efforts have been made including facebook page for my website and perhaps, that has been the most disappointing in performance.While inviting my 500+ friends to like my page, that is exactly what they did...liked the page but no engagement with the posts. Just 1 gentle soul