New Members at Wealthy Affiliate What you need to know!

Last Update: January 11, 2020

This is for all our New members who are just starting here at Wealthy Affiliate. It will give you the heads up in case you lose your way. It will also show you what to avoid whilst you are getting settled into Wealthy Affiliate. We all welcome you here. We all welcome you with open arms. We are a pay it forwards community and each and every one of us will go out of our way to help you. Take it from me a 3+ year member.

Once, you have signed up. You are in a safe place to Learn from and Earn from. Your data is secure. Nobody has access to it. The only people who have access are Kyle and Carson the co-founders. They are 100% transparent and 100% legit they do not sell on your data personal or otherwise.

Here are some points you need to do first.

You will be given a welcome video by Kyle to get you around this platform. Add in an Image. We interact better with those with an image in their profile. It doesn't have to be you. There are default images you can use too. Pop in your goals. Goals give us something to work for.

You are free for as long as you like. You only have 7 days access to communicate with us. So ask as many questions as you need too. No question is too big or too small. Remember we all started right out at the beginning just like you. So at one point we were all new to Wealthy Affiliate.

Head straight for the training.

You have. 10 Free classes in Phase 1 Bootcamp.

This course is mainly directed at Promoting Wealthy Affiliate. That's if you cannot think of a niche to get on with. Like me lol haha

You have 10 Free courses in Phase1 Online Entrepreneur Certification courses

You need to head straight into the direction of the training as it works. By the time you have finished either or both. You will have a Website up and live on the internet. You will have started to build out the foundations of your very first Online Business. Remember it will be Your Website Your Business. You can promote just about anything as long as it is Legal of course.

If you get stuck with the training then reach out to us we will be there to help you in minutes. You do not need any experience you can be a complete newbie to all website building and online marketing. If you struggle don't worry so did I. Just keep going over the training until it sinks in.

With your new websites as a starter member you cannot add in links. In all essence that is good as most of the best affiliate programs won't accept you any way. Not till you have some good quality content on your website. So get writing out some super quality content. By that I mean answering the questions one is asking in your Niche.

(Here is some super training from Marion Black. Marion is one in a million and her training is superb. Pass by and watch Marions training. I couldn't have succeeded without the help from Marion. Here is the Link to Marions, training and be sure to follow her as Marions, training is super helpful. The link below will also help you newbies.. )


Important Stuff At W.A. Video by Marion Black

Getting back to writing quality content.

Think like you was asking a question to Alexa or Siri something.

For example if I asked Alexa ''What is Affiliate Marketing?'' Alexa would answer my question. More often than not she would send me to a website with all the relevant info on it that I need

So write good content that answers questions that people are asking. Write at least a 1,000+ words. You can do this. Once, get going you won't even realize that you have written over a thousand words. I do it and most of my articles range from 2,000 up to 4,000 words. Write as much content as often as you can.

Going Premium is $19 easily affordable for every one. That $19 opens the whole platform for you. With a ton of stuff you will need including access to Jaaxy Lite don't forget Jaaxy that also has its own Affiliate program.

You have 50 websites all with SSL certificate and so much more. Access to Site-support who are brilliant. The list of wjhat we get as premium members is endless and too much to write here. It can be overwhelming but no worries you have us to help you like I said before.

If you are not writer

No worries it soon comes and flows quicker than you can imagine. I couldn't write neither lol. We soon get the hang of it. We have Site-Content to help us and we also have a spell checker.

Now while you are learning. You can start putting out your Wealthy Affiliate links. They are Unique to you and are in the top right in the $ sign. You can share these on social media in your emails and also on messenger and whats app// Don't spam these links like all in one go just take your time and send them out over a short period of the time. Repeat the process. Share among family and friends too.

Here are some things you shouldn't do.

This could harm you getting ahead online. It could and can ruin things for you.

If somebody here wants you to see one of their links or an E book that will take you from this platform do not do it. We are not allowed to do this. It is classed as spam and can lose us our write access. There is no need for anyone to take you away from this platform as all the training you need is right here.

The training here is proven to work time and time again. If you follow someone else then you will end up somewhere else and you will lose your way. They do not care about you and if they did they wouldn't do it simple as. They are just doing it for their own gains. I know if I followed someone and it took me from this very platform I would have failed. They are not the teachers they are the same as you and me.

The Super Affiliates do not do it nor should anyone else. Jay doesn't even do it and he could if he wanted too easily but he doesn't do it either. All our links to Socail Media and our websites are kept in our main profile pages where they belong if we so wish to share them.

The simple fact is the training here at Wealthy Affiliate works. It is not a quick get rich money making scheme. Nobody will spoon-feed you but we will help you if you are struggling. Some questions asked here would cost a few thousands in dollars so think how Lucky you are to get your questions answered for FREEE.

Last but not least you have Access to Live training. That is on your left. In LIVE EVENTS don't miss it if you can. Jays live training is Gold.

If I can do this anyone can. Take it from a ditsy who didn't have a clue in the beginning. :)

The training does work yes it will take you time and the only difference is people do succeed is because they get to work on it and know it is not going to happen in a week. They knuckle down and get on with the training.

Here is a new post from, Grace. AKA Little Mamma

'' My Online Biz: $85.5K THANKS WA! Lessons Learned In 2019''

Read it because this lady is brilliant and Grace is transparent and will not lie to you. No lies here just hard-working people who want to make Money from home. Who also want to get out of the corperate world.

Got any questions just pop them in the comments below.

I hope you all enjoy Wealthy Affiliate as much as I have and still do 3+ years later. :)

Believe in yourself and you will achieve anything you want. .🙌💲💲💯% Legit 😎

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RYAJeremy Premium
Hi Debbs nice words here. Thanks for the read and update. "Shiny object syndrome" Is talked about a bit. Jay has mentioned it a bit too and it gets us off course and we loose focus from the legitimate real business. There is so much info we simply need to keep focused on what is working within this WA community.
Jeremy :-)
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Good one, Debs!!
Thanks, too, for the link to Marion, as well!!
The only thing I could add... If I missed it?...Premium gives you a pass to Friday evenings with Jay's awesome training!!
Last night was the bomb!! He makes this stuff appear so simple! LOL
See you next Friday at Happy Hour!!
Best! Barb
Debs66 Premium
So true Barb,
Yes it was brilliant yesterday.
Haha catch you next week girl. Love it.
Debs ;)
PMindra Premium
Nice to see you again, Barb.
Happy New Year.

Paul from Canada.
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Wouldn't miss it!!
It was nice to have Kyle there, too,
Did you notice he answered some things, that Jay couldn't read?...Til he fixed that Chat problem? He picked a grand evening to sit in!!
PMindra Premium
Thanks, Debs.
This was a very important post.
CordeliaN Premium
Debs, just like Christine said, I think this should required reading. Should be part of the sign up, “Read Debs post if you are in any doubt, she will guide you through the wind and the rain and bring you out into the sunshine the other side” 👍👏
Debs66 Premium
That is such a lovely comment Cordelia.
Thank you so much.
I hope people enjoy W.A. as much as we all do.
Thank you .🤗🙌
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
I second that motion
CordeliaN Premium
Victigator Premium
Thanks to you Deb's this is awesome to amazimment community members of WA just know how to say exactly right words for the right occasion l tryed online business on my own after joining the community ended up wasting 2 year's of my precious time online whith not knowing where to Start.
Debs66 Premium
I was exactly the same as you spending years trying to find something that worked. Thank fully we have both found W.A. 🙌
Debs :)
ERichardson1 Premium
Good afternoon DEBS, I hope this day is treating you with big-time respect. This is a outstanding blog that you have wrote, everything in it is very needed information and understanding for the newbies. I personally want to thank you for making clear for all our new family members. And may you have a totally blessed weekend.
Debs66 Premium
Thank you so much Earl!
Thank you for passing by too. I hope it helps. :)
Have an awesome weekend.
Debs :)
ERichardson1 Premium
D e b s thank you for being you
Debs66 Premium