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Last Update: August 15, 2018

I feel like movie star. One of my friends in the community sent me a personal email asking why I have not written a WA blog lately. Actually, I was asking myself the same question so when I mentionIed that to him, he responded, “GO DO IT”. So, here I am, obeying the command. (thank you, Kaju!)

I have wanted to share some of the thoughts I’ve been having about my WA journey.

Rank Shaming

My rank is in the top 100. I apologize, but it is not my fault. Don’t hate me. I have not completed the training. I have not made any money from my website. I do not share my website. But, there has not been one day since I joined over 1 ½ years ago that I have not been on the WA website. I respond to every single email notice that I get from WA notifying me that someone in my network asked a question, wrote a blog, or created training. Is it because I am trying to “game the system” and rank high. Absolutely Not! I realize that WA is not social media…it’s a platform for training and hosting. However, if someone has taken the time to pick my name to follow, I think it is just a courtesy to follow them back….and that creates a connection between us. If I don’t have anything to add to the conversation, I don’t comment, but I always “Like”. It’s just my way of letting them know that I am indeed following them and read their post. I always comment on successes. Isn’t that what the community is for…to support one another? I’m genuinely impressed by what people accomplish. I think it’s amazing that people with no experience can go through the training and succeed in creating and monetizing a website. I feel their excitement. I have about 1500 followers, which is not a huge number. I’ve only initiated about ¼ of them…honestly…I try not to rank high! But, I am not going to stop doing what I enjoy to please people that may be offended by my ranking.

Knowledge and Learning is Everywhere

I have completed some training..Bootcamp. I have learned a lot about this business from that training and from reading the members’ posts and viewing members' training. If my limited knowledge can help someone, I offer my advice. If not, I refer them to someone else. Because I am in the top 100, I frequently get PMs, but I never pass myself off as someone who has all the answers or who is making money from this endeavor. Members are so generous with their knowledge; it is not hard to pick up a few nuggets. It is important to remember that all the answers from members are free advice. It is our opinions based on our own experiences. You may have a different experience. That is why I always tell members not to get ahead of the training and follow it systematically. Learn what the WA program teaches first and then expand that knowledge base with other member’s experience.

Guilty as Charged

Two things I do not enjoy about WA….super long WA blogs and rants. Well, today I am guilty of both. Nobody is perfect and there are always exceptions. I do generally believe that the platform should remain positive. If someone or something is bugging you…keep it to yourself or PM Kyle directly…unless it could benefit the whole community in a positive way. We have free choice…..we don’t have to be members and we don’t have to engage. WA is not perfect but considering the size of the community and the services it offers, it is pretty darn close. I bet the owners are working on improving the ranking situation right now.

Whrn I first joined WA, I was really annoyed at the members who posted about anything other than WA and the training. But, I have changed my opinion. Writing is the crucial element to our success. “Content is King” is something we hear all the time. Good writing takes practice and I’ve come to appreciate that writing WA blogs is good practice…no matter the topic. I am so inspired by our members’ posts….the successes, the challenges, the writing styles. I learn from them. If writing a blog about your day’s challenges helps you stay connected with the WA community and move forward toward your online goals, then do it.

I also respect and really appreciate all the members who only share business-related topics. The information is priceless. Although I do recognize certain posts are only written to get a Google ranking and to help that member increase followers for their websites. Are they gaming the system? No, it’s all good. Everyone benefits.

WA is the Bomb
  • I believe in WA.
  • I believe that people should create their own businesses, the sooner the better.
  • I believe this information should be taught in schools.
  • I believe that having an online business is a beautiful way to express who we really are and the things that are important to us.
  • I believe having your own business is a perfect solution to all the injustices in the world.

What better way to be in control of our own future …….never having to depend on bosses and the politics that take place in the corporate world.

I’ve been an employee. I’ve been self-employed. I’ve been partners in businesses that employed people. I’ve tried MLMs and blogging without WA training.(I am not as young as look.) WA is the only place I have found to provide all the tools needed to succeed. Training and support is available in so many different ways.

  • Courses
  • Live video training
  • Member created training
  • Technical support
  • WA blog
So, What’s My Excuse

Gosh, I have a ton of them…all of which mean nothing to you. To accomplish anything in life, one needs specific goals and a clear vision…..and perhaps an urgency. I often express this in my comments….not because I have them…but because I believe they are necessary for success. Perhaps I am treating this journey as a hobby. I am sorry if it offends you. We are all at different stages in life. We all have different personalities and talents. I think my skills, talents, and goals can be well served by being a member of WA….to learn and grow myself….and to help others do the same.

Although some may disagree, I see this as a positive post. I did not include names of the people who rank shame. I hope it inspires you to be yourself and interact in a way that is comfortable for you. Do not be intimidated by other members whose goals may be different from yours.

Finally, I'm Done

A warning to all. Don’t encourage me to write more…I may never stop! I have always felt that any blog I write should be motivational or educational in some way. But, I just may have convinced myself to blog more…about whatever! If we are off base, I trust Kyle will set us straight. One day in the future, I will be sharing my method for having a successful online business. You can be sure it started by joining WA!

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GinaU1 Premium
Awesome post, Debbie. You are such a thoughtful person that deserves all the success that comes your way!

Happy to be a part of your network.

DebbieRose Premium
Thank you for your kind words and for your time. We all deserve success.
juanster2017 Premium
Thanks for sharing this post
Joel28 Premium
Hi welcome again to WA community!
Your post encourage me to pursue the training that I have taken. Thank you!
DebbieRose Premium
I'm glad to hear that...the intention is always to help.
DebbieRose Premium
Hi all...sorry for all the words...but none of the formatting that showed up while I was editing came through here.
DebbieRose Premium
Hi all...sorry for all the words...but none of the formatting that showed up while I was editing came through here.