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September 24, 2018
Hi Everyone,Time to reintroduce myself.....It's the same old me (droseh) with a slightly new profile. I wanted to brand myself with a more personal name.....and a more recent picture! We all have all seen the trainings and blogs about branding.....I felt like I needed to take some action on that. It's important for people to relate to you and make a connection. I mean ...come on...who is droseh....I couldn't even relate to that. I'm Debbie. I've always used my name when writing and commen
August 27, 2018
Hi All, I’ve been stuck in one place for quite a while. One of the issues I had been having is that my theme did not match with the training. (Basic stuff, right!) Whenever the training said to do something, I couldn’t find those same features in my theme. The Blame Game I blamed myself It was beyond my level of comprehension.This technical stuff is not for me I blamed WA The training was wrong It is outdated and needs to be updated I blamed the Theme It wasn’t cu
August 15, 2018
I feel like movie star. One of my friends in the community sent me a personal email asking why I have not written a WA blog lately. Actually, I was asking myself the same question so when I mentionIed that to him, he responded, “GO DO IT”. So, here I am, obeying the command. (thank you, Kaju!) I have wanted to share some of the thoughts I’ve been having about my WA journey. Rank Shaming My rank is in the top 100. I apologize, but it is not my fault. Don’t hate m
April 13, 2018
Hi Everyone,It's been awhile since I posted a blog so I wanted to catch you up with my progress ....and I wanted to give you a warning!First ..My ProgressI started the year off with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm to be more dedicated to my goals. I wanted to develop my website so I can monetize it, and I wanted to contrbute more to the WA community. I did have some successes.I wrote an Alphabet Analagy series for WA and got some wonderful, encouraging commentsSome of those blogs ranked in
March 05, 2018
I spent the last couple of months, blogging an analogy series that compared common, everyday words to Wealthy Affiliate. If you are interested in reading any of them, just go to my profile page. I enjoyed creating and writing them and I am glad some of you enjoyed reading them. Writing content is so important to what we do, I wanted to share some of the lessons I learned. GoalsSpecific, measurable goals are crucial to success. We hear it all the time.I just never did it. I have always had gener
Affiliate Analogy Continues….Z is for ZoneWe can look at zone in two ways.The dictionary definition of zone is very restrictive with boundaries. It is an area set off or characterized as different from surrounding or neighboring parts. A zone is used for a specific purpose.Wealthy Affiliate can be viewed as a zone. It is certainly different from other online platforms. It has a specific purpose to train and support those that want to learn about Affiliate Marketing. It is a safe place to
Affiliate Analogy Continues….Y is for YogaYoga is such a popular exercise. Everyone who is into fitness and good health highly recommends it. So, naturally, I had to try it. At the time, I worked in a fitness center and wanted to be a good example for my clients. I loved to exercise so this seemed like a logical fit. Unlike lifting weights, Yoga presents itself as being non-abusive to your body. It is all about stretching and peace….getting in touch with your inner self, whi
Affiliate Analogy Continues….X is for X FactorX Factor is an idiom that became popular in the last few decades. Its most common reference is to celebrities. I’m aging myself with these examples, but these actors possess that X Factor.Audrey Hepburn...there is something about that face!Paul Newman...he showed so much depth to the roles he played.Of course, everyday people and even businesses can have an X Factor. She has that inner joy that pulls us in to what she is doing No expl
Affiliate Analogy Continues….W is for WheelsI had the mistaken notion that the wheel was invented sometime during the Stone Age (maybe I was thinking of fire…lol). Actually, it was first used in Mesopotamia around 3500 B.C. They were created, not for transportation, but to be used as potter’s wheels. It wasn’t until 300 years later that someone figured out to use them for chariots. We usually associate wheels with transportation…cars, bicycles, even wheelcha
Affiliate Analogy Continues…. V is for Victory The competition for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea has begun. Anticipation awaits all athletes to see who will be representing their country on the victory podium. Sporting events like the Olympics are a perfect example of victory….success or superior position achieved against an opponent. There is an opposing person or team and the better one wins. Doing your best when it matters most is an exhilarating