Tis the Season for Lists

Last Update: December 30, 2016

Tis the Season for lists of all kinds!! Me personally, I need a list for everything.

Unfortunately I'm the guy who makes a list for the grocery store then leaves it on the counter! I now use my phone and text the list to myself! It works real good unless you leave the phone in the car! ;-)

Now a lot of people will blame my forgetfulness on my age or the abuse I gave myself thru the years but this has been me ever since I can remember. At 9 years old we moved from one town to another and I had to try out for a new Little League. Guess what I had to borrow a glove because I left mine home. I went to a Catholic grammar school and kept forgetting to wear my tie.

Anyway lists became part of my life. I have compiled a checklist for when I finish an article and would like to share it with you! After thinking I'm done I go thru the list!

1) Spelling and grammer check

2) Feature Image ~~ sized right ~~ alt text

3) Alt text on all images

4) Keywords in title, first and last paragraph

5) Tags on post

6) Check meta tag in SEO

7) Publish

8) Check links

9) Fetch as Google

10) Share on Social Sites

Then I think I've got it! Time for a break!

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AppleofGold Premium
Thanks! Happy New Year to you too, Lynne
DDarragh Premium
MPollock Premium
You got it down, but do not forget the phone in the car.
DDarragh Premium
I try not too LOL
Tezsie Premium
A jolly 2017 to you, Dennis. And thanks for the list.
reanna1 Premium
Happy New Year, Dennis!
jtaienao Premium
Very good list Dennis. I may have to borrow your list.

DDarragh Premium
It is my mere gift to you!!!!
jtaienao Premium