WOW Wasn't Expecting This Badge

Last Update: March 04, 2017

You know that feeling you get when one of those WA Badge Announcements pops up?

It's a great feelin right? and a very clever design on the part of Kyle & Carson to keep us motivated and pushing on.

I have received a few of the badges now from getting my websites ranked and indexed from the training modules, but I didn't expect this BADGE?

You Made It Into Top 200 At WA!!

Just when I thought I couldnt get anymore excited by badge announcements this one pops up when I just logged in. Freakin Awesome!!

My WA Ranking has just gone to 199 and I just wanted to say...

  • Huge thank you to everyone of the members that has been helping me in WA
  • Massive Thank You to everyone that has decided to follow me, and has been liking my comments which has all helped in moving my rank to within 200!!

Feels Like an Oscar's Speech :)

It has also been a great pleasure to have shared my experiences and knowledge to help other WA Members that have had questions and wanted a little assistance.

I look forward to helping many more of our WA Members and look forward to the rest of my personal journey within WA that should be an enjoyable one.

Thank You Once Again Everybody !!

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Recent messages
Kyle Premium
Woot woot, nice work Damian!
Daymo Premium
Thanks Kyle was a great feeling when this notification came through

Cheers Buddy
WilliamBH Premium
Congratulations Damian .. well done on your 6 months. Cheers, William.
Daymo Premium
Thats the next badge i'm looking forward to William the 6 month one I only been at WA for just over 2 months. :)
PatrickM1 Premium
Damian - Congratulations on breaking the 200 rank. You deserve it. Keep up the good work.
xanfo Premium
Well done
Loes Premium
Congrats Damian! When it comes as a surprise it's even nicer:)
Daymo Premium
You are right about that one Loes. Obviously, I could see my rank going towards the 200 mark but I only joined at the end of December last ear so it was a bit of a surprise to get this notification today

Thanks for the congrats!