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Hello and hope my WA Familia are having (or had) a great day!Its been ages since I last did a blog post here in WA so I have put one together todayFirst off - I Just Reached 300 Followers!Can't believe this has happened to me so quickly since joining last December it shows the engagement we have here at WA. I haven't had time to do my Follow Backs Yet but I will be taking care of this at the weekend. So all those that have followed me you will most certainly have a "Follow Back" from me by th
I would like to introduce Alberto to the WA Family would also like to extend a "Warm Hearty WA Welcome" to you Alberto from myself.I am sure some of the other WA Members will be able to offer you the same warm welcome to our WA FamilyAs I mentioned Alberto - I would really like it if you could take full advantage of your early access here at WA and would encourage you to experience our wonderful community and begin looking at the "Training" we have so
March 15, 2017
What an incredible feeling I got today when I logged into my WA Acc and saw that I had reached Since December 2016! It Amazing!!(I pretty sure Usiba(@TheBuilder) was my 250th so Cheers Everyone!So far I have really enjoyed my experience here at WA going through the training steps and getting some sites designed. I have also really enjoyed Interacting with all the members in the live chats, profile messages and private chat.I struggled and got scammed for so long in the online business industry
March 11, 2017
Hello fellow Wa MembersI just wanted to do a quick update to let everyone know I just decided to change my usernameWhy the Change?For a couple of reasons that I will explain. However one of the reasons I cant go into too much detail as it falls into my "Top Secrets" category LOL :)So the 1 of the reasons for the change is that my new username which is now "Daymo" its how all my local friends know me and its how I introduce myself to new friends, and as I have made so many new friends here at W
You know that feeling you get when one of those WA Badge Announcements pops up?It's a great feelin right? and a very clever design on the part of Kyle & Carson to keep us motivated and pushing on.I have received a few of the badges now from getting my websites ranked and indexed from the training modules, but I didn't expect this BADGE?You Made It Into Top 200 At WA!!Just when I thought I couldnt get anymore excited by badge announcements this one pops up when I just logged in. Freakin Awes
February 25, 2017
Yes that right folks! Another productive day for me with my WA Education and Implementation.What Did I Manage To Do?It's not very often that I get a day off from my day job, so when I do get them it's important for me to make sure I use my time productively.1- While I do still work on my WA tasks in my spare time after work, my most productive days are when I do get the odd full day off and today was one of those days and I just wanted to write a blog to help keep people motivated and moving fo
Hello WA Fam!Sorry its been a while since my last blog post, been busy maintaining my coffee site and launching my WA Aff site and working my day jobSo to give you all my latest updates if your interested in knowing..,2 Websites LiveFirst update is to let you know that I now have 2 websites live on the net. Both well and truly indexed by google.I am building out my coffee authority site, that is seeing some trickles of traffic that I'm hoping will turn into raging rivers once I get past the 3
February 12, 2017
Hello WA FamFor today's blog I just wanted to write about "how age of sites seems to matter for ranking"Did You Know ?You may or may not know depending on if you follow my posts, but I have had a site that I created at the end of December in the Coffee Niche which is competitive.When I started the site of course I went for a low hanging fruit keyword as my main domain in the hope of ranking for that to start traffic juice flow.If I do an exact search in google - which means surrounding my domai
February 03, 2017
Hello everyone. For those of you that may already know, I have a website up and running that's live and indexed on search engines, generating some traffic after just a month of it's creationAll that was achieved just form the WA Getting Started Lessons from Premium LevelJust when I thought the WA Affiliate training couldn't get any better ?I started going through the Affiliate Bootcamp Training to create my site for telling others how awesome WA Training is.I'm only onto Lesson 3 and what I pi
January 30, 2017
I was extremely pleased to log into my dashboard at WA today and notice that my followers amount has now jumped beyond the 150 mark.So today's blog post I had to dedicate to my awesome WA Followers. Having only joined WA a month ago and to have sky rocketed to 150+ followers in this short space of time blew my mind ! Your all awesome.It has been a pleasure interacting with you all in the live chats, answering questions and in some cases private messaging and replies to comments on my affiliate