Deleting Admin

Last Update: December 15, 2013

Deleting Admin is another way to secure your Wordpress site.

check this before you continue:

Backup Wordpress To DropBox Tutorial Video by welshy

Click Dashboard

Click Add New User

On New User put a name other than your own. Example:


add your email

put your real first name on first name

same on your last name

add your website if you wish

on your password use caps numbers or whatever you can imagine

check the send password

on role. scroll down and select administrator

Click on add new user.

Log out of admin

ok thats the first part

Second Part

Sign in as your new admin: bigbadbear2014

Ok you should be at your dashboard

Click Users

Click on your new user name: bigbadbear2014

Click Edit

Check everything that you want displayed

Important: Select your Name on Display name publicly as

add any information you wish to be displayed including Google plus

Click Update Profile

Now to Delete Admin

Click on Users

Hoover your pointer over admin

You should see a choice edit or delete if you don't then you have to sign back into admin and edit bigbadbear2014. find under Role. Scroll and find admin and select role for user. Sign out and Click Users. Check to see if you now have the options to edit or delete.

Ok you have the option to delete. Guess what you do next. That's right click delete.

You Should be taken to a new page Delete User

On the page select Attribute All post to (your user name)

Click Confirm Deletion.

Now Pray just Kidding

You are now the admin. It will add a little more security to your Wordprees site.

Hint if you Have Wealthy Affiliate Hosting your site. You can use the password given to you when your site was created and have it when you sign in to WA.

Thanks for stopping by.

I also want to thank those that allowed me to add them to my network. I greatly appreciate all of you and hope we can continue networking.

I am adding this Tutorial to the bottom of this and the top to make sure you do this first.

Backup Wordpress To DropBox Tutorial Video by welshy

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BStepp Premium
I tried to create another admin user name like the training suggested but it wouldn't let me because I had the same email so I got me a gmail account so should I create another user with that?
DavidCortez Premium
You can. But remember what Kyle said. Be sure to remember or put your new password in a safe place. If you have Wealthy Affiliate hosting your site use the generated password given to you when you built your site.. If your site is not hosted here then be sure to keep your password safe. Also You should check this out before you continue
Kyle Premium Plus
I actually never recommend deleting admin for one reason. People tend to lose their passwords or forget them and Wordpress' retrieval for passwords often times doesn't work. If you change a password, we have no ability to help you out and that is why we have ULTRA SECURE admin passwords that we generate when we install your Wordpress.

In all the years I have been at this, I have never once deleted an admin user nor have I been hacked. Be careful if you are going to do this.
DavidCortez Premium
I agree with your Ultra Secure admin and its what I use as my password. So its still available in my build my website option. The only thing I change is the user name. I change the admin to a new user like bigbadbear2014. Also, not all users are using Wealthy Affiliate as their hosting. So they may need this as way to secure their WordPress site. I can see why you would not suggest a change. This is not for all but definitely useful for those not hosting their site Here at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for commenting Kyle and your opinion is greatly valued.
Kyle Premium Plus
Absolutely to each their own David, I understand both sides and there is no right or wrong here. I always suggest to do what works best for you and if you have a good way to store your passwords, then you are fine with the removal of the admin. :)
Rick H Premium
Thank you David. Strange in that I was just about to ask this question. I had added another User name, but I haven't deleted the Admin yet.
DavidCortez Premium
No problem
msdj8163 Premium
Thanks for sharing. I am glad to have the step. Debbie
DavidCortez Premium
Your welcome.
yessharon Premium
Many people get stuck on how to do this simple task. Thanks for writing out the steps.
DavidCortez Premium
Your welcome.