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Last Update: November 14, 2013

My site is about music. One of the aims of it, is for example, publishing new released videos. Other, charts. Etc. Yet, to do that i have to do it daily, and sometimes, more than 1 post per day. My doubt: I wont be able to write articles to all posts. At least, big ones. Is it too bad if i don't do it to these posts, yet, writing articles to the others? Example: Non article: Katy Perry Post. The others: Articles. Please, help me. Thank you.

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talimont1 Premium
I'm in the same boat just about David. I have it down to one artist/day and I'm able to do that but also trying to expand my pages and learning the affiliate marketing realm. Don't be pressured for once/day if it's too much. Just do what you can. Again, if you love it (it seems you do) do a little to balance your time.

Here was my post today...

cena1975 Premium
Nice themes! Which theme you using? Make a drop down page instead of title page all over the menu bar. Just my opnion if you ok with it just remain the same.
I blog once a week, as I have 2 site to maintain.
AnnieB Premium
i think Choppy is onto something. Your going to go insane trying to keep up with it. Blogging a couple of times a week should do it. Once you commit to blogging daily,your visitors will expect it all the time. For one person to keep up with all the latest info, it can be hard. Once you decide on the on the level of activity and exactly how you post to your site, then your readers will get to know your flow.
Digital Ink Premium
Music ,like most things, is about sales. Maybe you could do a weekly summary and feature
articles on a couple of the hottest (sales wise) artists. Or up and coming artists, best videos or something along those lines.
choppydo Premium
Maybe cut it back to 1-2 posts a week and do many videos, charts, ect. at once. That way you can have lots to write about. If you don't feel that you can do one a day, don't burn yourself out trying.
David Cocas Premium
Hello. What exactly you mean.....? I guess i didn't lot´s of videos, charts, etc....but...also creating the longer articles in another posts?Thanks for your comment!
choppydo Premium
I mean just make mega posts. Even if they're huge, it's a lot easier to sit down to write twice a week than seven times.