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Last Update: Dec 14, 2015



A couple of days ago I posted a blog here almost with the same name except it is Section 1. More or less that post introduced the concept of paid traffic and how, if used wisely, it can ramp up your traffic, leads and conversions.

Today I want to provide some more sources for paid traffic that you can check out and see if one or the other would fit into your program, and expand a bit on the sources other than solo ads and banners which I covered in the last post. I did not include sources for banner posts at the end of that post, but do here.


I want to reiterate also what I mentioned several times in the last post on this subject. Please read through that post to make sure that you are prepared to go into this and have success. If you do not complete all the sub-tasks that paid traffic entails, you likely will spend money and not see results. That is no fun...

The keys are to have an effective plan together -

(1) Good and proven banners or squeeze/landing/thankyou pages (as appropriate depending on the purpose of your campaign) ready,

(2) Have an autoresponder set of swipes (series of emails) in place and tested so you can immediately follow up...

(3) Select a targeted audience depending on the purpose of the campaign, and lastly...

(4) Test small prior to scaling it up. See what converts, Try an "A" version and an "B" version of every piece of the puzzle (i.e. banner, emails, landing pages, thank you pages).

(5) Track your results over time. The metrics will help you refine each piece and you can see the overall affect on the campaign, Once you have whet works best, THEN ramp it up...


To start this off, let's recap a few things...

If you are considering using paid traffic of one sort or another, you need to define what your target audience is. Once you know this, everything else can follow.

At the end of the day, you want to use online paid advertising to get your banner or offer in front of the people that will take action because they need or want what you have to offer.

Doing this evaluation initially will increase the chance that your campaign will be successful. Your ads will get their attention and the ads will get clicked on....

So this "clicked on" thing...

Online marketers often use the acronym PPC for this term, which stands for "pay per click" (did you see that segway/tie in I just did here from the above paragraph?)...


PPC is in reality an advertsiing model (under the paid traffic segment of online marketing) that is directing traffic to websites.

Advertisers (that would be you and I if we are running such a program) pay a publisher (typically this would be a website owner or a search engine such as Bing or Google, etc) when the ad you have published is clicked on by a prospect.

PPC can be defined quite simply as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.”

As I stated in the first post on this paid traffic general subject, while it seems complicated, PPC advertising can be a very simple and affordable way for you to get targeted traffic to your website.

Remember targeted traffic is really the best and only kind of traffic you should want, it does no good if you have 1000 visitors but no one is buying/subscribing, etc.

As with solo ads and banner ads, you set up a campaign as described above, and in the first post I made on this subject, then you pay each time someone clicks through your ad to your website.

If you are using Google or one of the other search engines, you set a budget, use the available tools to target the audience, and let it go...


I am sure you know of the main sources for PPC such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search or Bing Ads. These are the most popular. Each one of these programs are similar, in that they will display your ads on relevant websites, and then you pay them each time someone clicks on your ad.

While they are all similar, they each have their own guidelines to be followed. I think it would be a really good idea to first familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of each before you begin your advertising campaign. It just makes sense so you do not waste time, effort and money...

They all have an extensive set of help files and tutorials you can tap into to further your education. Think of it as a free learning course, take notes, and then work the guidelines into your campaign.

Here are sources to check out:

(1) Google Adwords:

(2) Yahoo Search:

(3) Bing Ads:

Now, in case you do not want to go through the training provided at these sites, I would like suggest that you spend just a little time going through a scenario below to show you what the process looks like...


Let’s say that you are in a niche that concerns collectible toys. You have prepared a great website and have worked hard to get it optimized for SEO, rakings and etc. and you are ready to ramp up the leads and conversions...


You have something of value on that site to offer the targeted traffic when they land on your page. Let's say you’ve written a great guide all about collectible toys and you are selling it from your website. Maybe you also have added some rare pieces on the site, pieces that you know will draw interest and likely a sale(s).

So you are now at the stage where you want targeted traffic to be directed to your website. You do not want to wait to grow your organic traffic, you want leads and sales now.


In this case, your targeted traffic would be people who have searched for collectible toys online. These people are already interested in the topic of your website. That’s makes them targeted traffic. These are the folks you want!

OK so you are ready to sign up with one of the big three above to get that traffic through a PPC program/campaign you have gone through all the steps I talked about earlier with. You have tested and found out what works best.

This means you have narrowed down through several small ads which of the types of banners works best, maybe the best landing pages, ane etc. As you try one version against another, you select the best and try again with yet a third type.


Now then, the next thing to decide on is what keywords you should bid on...In this case, it is likely that the best keyword to use for your PPC campaign is collectible toys. Unfortunately, there’s really a pretty good chance that there are other people who might want to use that same keyword. So you put a bid on it, submitting what you are willing to pay per click, and the highest bidder would get to use it.

These general type keywords can be quite expensive. There is a better way, unless you have lots of money to spend and don't care. Perhaps your niche is a subniche of the general niche? In that case you could use more targeted keywords that will specifically target the exact audience you need...

Let's say your niche site was especially designed for people wanting to learn how to make money with sales of collectible toy’s...Your keyword phrase could then be more specific, and aimed JUST at these people. This targeted keyword phrase will likely bring you the better-targeted traffic you are looking for that will take action, plus you will have less competition than if you used more general keywords.


OK now you have selected the keywords you are going to bid on...Next you have to decide how much to spend. If you are just starting out, remember, small amounts and test! Go through that process, THEN you can scale up.


If you have won the bid, and let the service provider know what your PPC spend will be, they will then display an ad that links to your website for searches that contain your keyword. Let's say it was the keyword collectible toy’s, and somone searches for that, your ad will be displayed on the search page results.

Another way you get visibility using PPC with seach engine providers is that if there are related web sites that are using the Google advertising network, say as a part of their monetization program. In that case, your ad may display on those sites so that their visitors might click through as well.


Once in place, your ad will be displayed in these areas until the purchased number of clicks have completed for a day, and after will not be displayed again until the next day. So you can control costs this way. On the other hand, if you have something that there is a LOT of interest for, your clicks might be gone in 20 minutes and of course the ad will not reappear again until the next day.

So if you’re getting 200 clicks for $10, and you’ve set your budget for $10 per day, then even if you get 200 clicks in 20 minutes the ad won’t display again until the next day. This is both good and bad I guess, but I like one thing about it: You can plan on your cost for the PPC program.


I think that because you CAN plan your campaign, and base it on a budget figure per day, PPC can be a very good way to supercharge your business, products or services.

If it was me in this case, even after testing, I would start out slow with a small budget of say around $15/20 per day. Remember you have already adjusted through testing and seeing what works (for testing I recommend spending no more than let's say $5/day).


OK, that's about enough for today....I will drill down more into this whole PPC thing next time and talk more specifics on what you can do to develop a program that works for your business....

Please see below some more good links to check out for futher research on your part. I recommend learning all you can and checking out whatever medium you decide to use for paid traffic, it is money coming out of your pocket. You want a good ROI (return on investment)...

Also I would appreciate any feedback that you may have for us all. We learn together and this is always a good thing! Thanks ahead of time!


Dave : )


A. Email Ad Swap Venues - Places To Swap Ads With
Other Email List Owners

B. Banner Ads - Lots of research for you here! : )

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Wow!! Thank you Dave!

Hi Val!

Thank you! I have a couple of questions for you...

Do you use any PPC in your offline electrician business to get customers? If so how much is your spend per month?

Also what is your success at using it if you are using it? These are some of the things that would be useful for all of us to hear about...

Especially me since I am going into this in a major way lol!!

Dave : )

Dave, I just found notification of your question here in my spam folder!
Sorry. I always try to promptly respond to questions asked of me.

No, we do not have a website nor do we practice any form of advertising for our contracting business. We choose to stay small, have our elite group of builders, and we are very fortunate to have all the work we can handle.

My challenge now is to learn and develop an online business so I and my husband will no longer need to bare the elements and wear out our tired bodies any more than they already have been exhausted.

I pay mind to every one of your posts, and in time, I will have the experience to offer more input :-)

Cheers to you!

Thank you David for such a detailed review of necessary steps in order for a PPC Campaign to have a better chance of converting ones leads ,sales.and conversions.

Hi Edmund!

No probs...This is kind of an extension from the blog post a couple of days ago, there will be a series as I go along...

For the record, I am learning and documenting as I go along.

I will actually be using this marketing technique quite extensively for some other project(s), so I need to get this PPC down pat!

Please stop by anytime, I am hoping that we get some input from others who have a lot more experience with PPC!

We can all learn!

Dave : )

Looking forward to your learning curve in this area and glad you are willing to share this information.
I thank you.

No probs M8! This helps me also reinforce the info I am learning!

Hi David, That's quite an extensive list and I really appreciate the work you did on this! I'm not ready to use this info yet, but bookmarked for later.

HI Michael,

Thanks and this is just the tip of the iceberg I think. As I do more and more research, I find out just how much is out there (and I am sure it will keep growing)...

PPC is kind of a whole new world, at least for me...I am anxious to see how it performs, I have heard some wonderful stories about EPC (earnings per click) and also some horror stories (NO success, money lost)...

I think it is as with the affiliate marketing using content as a focus (blogs)...YOu have to do the back end work to make it successful. I am hoping that we have some others here that have been using PPC for an extended period of time add their feedback here for us all!

Dave : )

David, I'm almost lost for words at the amount of info and resources you've posted here....thanks very much for the time you've spent in getting it together and sharing with us.
No doubt about it, the big dogs in this industry will all have massive advertising bills but of course they know what their ROI will be because of all the stats and experience they have, something that we newbies to online marketing won't have access to.
I think it just takes a small start, a little success and encouragement and it could all grow from just needs the nerve to commit that first dollar knowing and accepting it could be lost.
Great blog

Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for the compliments and thoughts. I am stepping into the PPC world at the moment, taking baby steps in preparation for something a lot bigger once the testing is done.

Why you ask...

I do not have time to build out organic traffic for a business we are going live with in less than two weeks. This business requires some good traffic immediately and the highly targeted marketing.

PPC provides the cheapest and best way to spread the word on our services and product globally to the right prospects (ones that will take action) a reasonable cost (will likely focus on Bing and FB)...

Let's see how good or bad I do lol, will keep you and all updated as I go along...Thanks for adding your input!

Dave : )

Hope your bid is not too high to get you on the top listing David....good luck and will be interested to see your results when you keep us posted.

Great info thank you!

NO probs at all, I appreciate that you took the time to leave a note here! Cheers! Dave : )

Good stuff Dave way ahead of me but I am filing.

Hi Marty,

I am jumping in to this marketing tool, so have to do a quick learn and get my program together. PPC will be the main route we use for marketing a new online/offline hybrid business...

So as I research more and test, I will continue to add whatever I can that may be of use to the rest of the folks here (both good and bad lol)!

Dave : )

Thanks Dave I have a file for your stuff and appreciate your work


Cool! Appreciate the vote of confience! : )

Great info as always. Thank you. I find I just keep favoriting your blogs so I can get back to them easily. Keep them coming please.

Hi Tom,

Glad you can use this later. There is a lot of other training on this subject here I think, so if you do decide to get into it, I suggest checking it all out!

Dave : )

Wow!! You have been busy... I have booked marked for later. Thanks a mill!!

LOL yes, this is in line with some of my work that is supporting a new online business where we are selling physical products, and we cannot wait to get organic traffic, so PPC is the marketing approach...As I pick up more things from using it extensively, I will add my experiences both good and bad lol! Cheers!! Dave : )

Thanks and good luck with the business. Olive

Thanks also Olive, I am really excited...I just wish I had some more hours in the day, or maybe more days in a week? : )

Before you know it, you can employee people :)

Thank you for the information. Very helpful because half the battle is figuring how to do something-planning is crucial!

Hi Shelia,

I agree totally. This PPC is a good tool if used properly, but planning is essential as is testing to make sure the pieces of the system are working and effective.

The feedback here is also very helpful, because there are those that have a lot more experience than I have that can offer some good insight on the traps and pitfalls that can arise...

Fir me it is particularly timely because i am about to venture into this world in a pretty bug way sith a start up we will be live with in the nest 2 weeks!

Thanks for adding to the discussion, always appreciated!

Dave : )

Thank you for your reply. In reflection of your info could you perhaps write an additional blog about testing and what that means the logistics of it all. I am just not that clear how to do it. I recently made a mistake with FB and spent money when I wasn't yet ready. Thanks! Shelia

Hi Shelia, Yes I am going to continue to add to this....It helps me as much as others I think lol!! Cheers! Dave : )

Wow! Really useful information again. Thanks so much for taking the time :)

Hi Jude,

Glad you found it useful...I know there is also training found elsewhere on the site, and I hope that readers also check that out...

PPC is a tool that can ramp up your leads, sales and conversions if done correctly. There are some people that do not do all the requisite work to make sure it will work though, and poo poo it out of hand as a result of their poor outcome....

I am pretty sure the bigger 6-7 figure affilate sales folks are using at least some PPC, both for the products they promote for others, and for their own products!

This tells me I need to learn about it and use it when appropriate. A good instance of when a PPC campaign may help is the upcoming Black Friday annual membership sale...

You want to get that offer out to as many targeted folks that may jump based on the savings plus the chance to lock in at that lower rate over a lifetime of payments!

Cheers! Dave : )

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