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We need to get the job done. Whatever it is, the more we hesitate and procrastinate, the longer it is going to take. How many of us will think about writing an article, think about working on their web-site, think about something … and then decide to do it later after they’ve done this or that or some other not really important task.

In the UK, it used to be common to always start the working day with a cup of tea, so that, after 30 minutes into the working day, after their cuppa, people stirred and made a weak effort at their allotted job. Not long to go they would think, another hour and we can start to wind down for a coffee break. The day could be defined by peaks and troughs of activity and rest periods. Except, the peaks of work became more stunted and the troughs of coffee breaks lasted longer.

My attitude was to get in there, bang a load of work out and then take a well-earned break. I tried to instill this in my teams, whatever the task is, let’s get over the hill, let’s get most of the job done before we stop. If we have a hill to climb, don’t rest at the bottom before you’ve even started, rest at the top when you’ve made an impression on the tasks that need doing. Get over that hill first and the view looks so much better, and the coffee tastes good too. Besides, it will be a pleasant downhill path from the top, so much easier.

Except, there is always an exception, one team member couldn’t see the point in actually working for a living. He only came to the place for the money, nobody mentioned about working for it (his words not mine).

He was tasked with making some aluminium trolleys, which involved a little bit of cutting and sawing, easy jobs that were well within his abilities and physical attributes. In order to “”look”” like he was complying, he would save a small box of metal shavings from his days efforts. Next morning, first thing, he would scatter these metal shavings over his electric saw and make it look like he had been busy all day. What an improved person he was – or so we thought.

But his colleagues had spotted his game and complained that he was actually slowing the job down and making all of them look bad. One evening, at a request from us, the management, they removed the fuse from the saw switch. Next day, the metal filings were duly scattered around the saw, and just by coincidence, (honest), we turned up an hour later and tried the saw. Why we asked, were there metal cuttings all around the saw if the saw had no fuse in it and didn’t work. Quick as a flash, his reply – “ah, well, I forgot to clean up last night, so they are actually yesterday’s filings.”

He had to be given the benefit of the doubt, but he was not with the company six months later. That was twenty years ago, and I can still remember many of his work avoidance tricks.

What’s the point of all this. I don’t know. I’m just trying to say that not performing as you should does affect your results. It’s easy to mask work avoidance with carefully contrived excuses, or reasons to be doing something else, but in the end, we need to climb that hill, we need to get to the top of whatever it is we are doing, and achieve. After all, with achievement comes rewards.

And too much dawdling and time-wasting means that you begin to miss deadlines too, and that is not good.

Instead of procrastinating, start achieving, now, today.



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A very motivating post, Dave

I try to be productive every day as much as I can. Most of us are more likely to put off the tasks that are the most difficult or time-consuming.

Possibly we should push ourselves to do those tasks first.

I am a tea drinker myself

Tea!!!! yuk!
I do an easy 20 minutes task first, then I know I've done something. Then I get serious with the heavy stuff.
Whatever works, it's a good job we are all different.

Hello Dave

No tea for you I guess. (smile)

We all have to find out what works the best for us


Not unless its black tea with a large drop of Scottish water.

So you do drink tea after all, Dave


Yes, I put the tea bag next to the glass, drink the whisky, and then put the tea bag back in the box.
I probably drink part of a cup of black tea about once every 10 or 12 years.
Not a good advert for the English cuppa, am I.
Hope you have a good evening.

Hi there Bux,

This is a great, insightful, well-articulated article. It is the perfect example of things that go on in the workplace. Not every employee has the best interest of their employer in mind and they, unfortunately, have to suffer the consequences.

Whether we are in the workplace, either at a physical location or working on our websites online, there is no excuse to slack up or get sidetracked. Taking pride in what we do is key to reaching our goals.

We all have to pull our weight and strive to make it over the procrastination hill. By the way, "over the hill" is another way of saying a person is over the age of such and such (30+). At least I thought of it that way. It may depend on what part of the country you are in.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience, and expertise.
Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Yes Rachele, over the hill means burnt out, worn out over here too.
I think you are spot on there, taking pride in your work - he had no interest in the business. the rest of the lads bought into it and got on with their work, and felt better for it.
Take care

Hi there, Bux.

From past experience, I can relate to being around people who were just like you described. Sometimes, they lack skills because they were never taught or were never exposed to good work ethics.

Others feel entitled because they were brought up this way, unfortunately. Seems like there is always one bad apple that stands out and causes a raucous.

Have a terrific Thursday1

You are right Rachele, always one.

Cheers my friend Bux.

Good morning Bux,

Thank you for the great read, Bux, I know exactly where you are coming from!

Although I have been self-employed for almost my whole working life, I believe that there is always someone who is going to let the team down and slow up production. That's a great story and a great example of someone who lets the side down.

I find that if I stop for too long, I just get demotivated, which is not too good. It's important to keep in the flow and keep moving forward.

I also know that if I blog or post YouTube videos regularly, my views and stats go up considerably. Such a great last sentence, Bux; "Instead of procrastinating, start achieving, now, today."

Have a great day.


Thanks Roy. Yes, we have to stay "on it"
The same with exercise, if we have too many days of rest, we don't want to start again. That's why I make myself walk every day, even when I'm not in the mood, and guess what, by the time I get back, I feel great.
Enjoy the week

That's so true, Bux; we have to do it even if we don't feel like it!

Have a great weekend.


Its going well so far Roy, nice and relaxed, but not too relaxed, just done a short workout to start Sunday in the right way. Off for a country stroll soon.

That sounds good, Bux, it's nice to treat Sunday a more relaxed way! You can't beat a country walk; I really enjoy walking across the fields and admiring the scenery.

Wishing you a fantastic week.


Thanks Roy, you enjoy the week too.
Lots of water in the rivers yesterday, in full flow.

Thank you, Bux.

I hear you, we live very near the river and it continually seems to be flowing very quickly. Fortunately, we are quite a bit higher than the river, so I don't believe there is any risk of flooding.

Have a great week.


Thank you for sharing such an inspiring and thought-provoking piece, Bux. Your message about the importance of taking action and avoiding procrastination resonates deeply. Your anecdotes, like the one about the team member avoiding work, add a relatable and compelling dimension to your message. Your emphasis on productivity and perseverance serves as a motivating reminder for me to overcome obstacles and strive for success. Your words are not only impactful but also serve as a reminder of the rewards that come with dedication and hard work. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and encouraging others to "GET OVER THE HILL."

Thank you Eric, great response, appreciated.
If the message helps just one person, then it has done its job.
Have yourself a great week.

You're more than welcome, keep sharing those gold nuggets with the community, more than appreciated. :)

Nice one, Bux! I think we’ve all been around folks like that at some point.


Indeed we have Susan, and so frustrating .
I'm much happier pushing forwards and aiming for achievement.
Thanks for the response.
Take care.

That is too funny, Bux. I'm glad for the story and appreciate you sharing it with us. Also, your point is well-taken. I find this attitude of procrastination in myself from time to time.
I enjoyed your story, but the message was far more vital to growing as a person.

I wish you the best. Have a wonderful week ahead!

Thank you Matt. That story was just the tip of the iceberg, but the rest will need to wait. Thanks for responding, appreciated.

That was a fun read, Bux. I thoroughly enjoyed that one.

Thanks for the free advice. 😅👍

Myra ❤️

We gradually unpicked all his tricks Myra.
The question is why. Why not just do something to achieve, and hopefully that message will get out there.
Look after yourself.

Love it Bux! I can certainly relate to having a whole team of slackers working under me in my last job back in the UK!

So much so, that I requested to be put on nights on my own, just so the work got done!

I could get twice as much completed being on my own than the other five workers could do together in a day!

Procrastination at its best!!

I trust you are charging this week my friend!


Definitely agree with night time progress far surpassing day time stuff.
I could tell some stories, perhaps I will one day soon.
Enjoy the rest of the week my friend.
We're all charging together.

As could I Bux! Keep up the charging my friend, I am charging for my bed now.... been a long but pretty productive day all in all...

Take care ok!!


Good man Nick.
Just about to hit the Z button myself.

I hope you slept well my friend and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday! :-)

A lazy day Nick. Cold and damp here. and looking forward to some Spring sunshine. It won't be long now.
How has your day gone, good I hope.

Cold and damp, well it is February in England!!

It's been pretty and mild here, bit of a chill in the evenings, but that's to be expected!

I don't mind the Spring sunshine but I do hate the scorching Summer that follows!

Take care buddy! :-)

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