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This blog is primarily aimed at new starters, newbies, who are still searching for their perfect niche and I will apologise now if I rattle on a bit. I really do feel very strongly that we MUST help new starters to understand this.

After welcoming a new starter recently, I received a reply asking me what the best niche was to get started. The answer of course, is that there isn’t a best niche that fits everybody.

We are all different, we all have different interests, different abilities, and different skills.

It’s like asking “What is the best size boot for walking up a mountain”

Well, for a start, what size foot are you. And are you male or female. What mountains are you going into. There are so many variables to consider. One size does not fit all.

Instead, ask yourself …

What am I actually good at.

What can I talk about for hours without growing tired of talking about it.

What do friends and family always ask ME about.

What do I do at work – is it a skill.

What do I know that others might want to know.

One new starter last year asked the question …

Where can I find information about starting a niche to help people make lots of money.

Well … we don’t start a niche. Rather, the niche finds us.

Reading their bio, this person stated that they needed to make some money because they were broke. Excuse me … but if you are going to advise others on making lots of money, shouldn’t you have made a truck load of money for yourself already.

Another newbie wanted to “start a niche” on training dogs. In an effort to help, I responded by asking what dogs they had, what training they wanted to do. Was it training guard dogs, show dogs or dogs for disabled persons. It transpired that they had never owned a dog. Any self-respecting dog owner will soon suss out that this “advisor” actually knows nothing about dogs. Not a good niche to start on if you are not a doggy person.

When choosing a niche that you wish to build a business around, it must be something that you are an expert at or know a lot about. What skills can you pass on to others who are looking for information in that niche. That is what you should be writing about. Ask yourself, can you write a new and enlightening article on that niche every day, without resorting to AI to write it all for you.

My niche is electrics. It’s how I’ve made money for several decades. I’m an electrical engineer, I can talk about electrics for 25 hours a day. Electrics has taken me around the world several times, I write about electrics every day and if I don’t, I begin to get withdrawal symptoms. People phone me up for advice, people text for help, my YouTube channel is full of questions. It’s what I do, it’s not a job of work, it’s a passion that I want to do every day.

So what about your niche? How can we help you to decide.

What are you passionate about. What is your hobby.

Let’s have an example …

What if you are a cyclist and that’s all you really do. Go to work, come home, go out on the bike in the summer, watch TV in the Winter. What is the point, everybody knows how to pedal a bike.

THAT is exactly the point. Not everybody knows about cycling. Some of your potential contacts have just bought their first bike. They can’t even repair a puncture, but you can. You can blog about repair kits, different inner tubes, different tyres, even different bikes.

What do you do every July I ask. Not a lot, I sit and watch the Tour de France most days. Why not talk about the Tour de France, this is part of your niche and folk will read what you have written. What about electric bikes, what about a blog on charging times, or distances on a bike. How many times have you had a cycling holiday, where was it, what did you do. C’mon, keep that list going.

I could go on and on, there are so many blogs that can be hooked onto that one word – cycling.

And then, when you have made money online from cycling, now you are in a position to have another niche called – make money online. In fact, this very hour, I’ve just read a blog from a member – they said - my niche was “how to make money online” but so far, I haven’t made a single dollar from all the effort. But I like travelling, perhaps I should start with that as a niche, because that interests me.

Only you know what you can do, only you understand your passions and hobbies. Make a list of everything about those potential niches. List after list after list. Every item on those lists is a potential blog, every blog will move you closer to making those all-important contacts, and those much-needed dollars.

I have a plastic box filled with 6 inch by 4 inch note cards. About three hundred of them have notes about future topics to do with electrics. Every time I think of something, I fill in a card before I forget. If someone sends a text with a question, guess what, it goes on a card for a future blog. If I read something – onto a card it goes. Don’t waste ideas.

You know what to do, you know what you can do. Make it your niche.

Someone wants to read about your hobby, your passion.

Start writing – now

Good luck


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Good morning Bux,

Thank you for your excellent common sense blog post!

I always tell people not to go where the money is but to go where our passion is. I think there are too many people who want to start an online business, who are only thinking about the money, not about helping others.

It's interesting about the dog training site by someone who had never owned a dog! I'm sorry, but that member will not go very far, that shows a very large lack of common sense! It's like me talking about garden and horticultural machinery and never had anything to do with machinery; that would just be ridiculous!

It's interesting that you say that you can talk for 25 hours a day about electrics, Bux! You have clearly gone to where your passion is and I believe that this is what we should all do.

I do hope that your wounds are healing up well.

Have a great day.


Thank you Roy, appreciated.
If we can only help one person a day, or even a week, to find the right track, then that is a good result.
As you say, people are blinded by the thought of money. Its product first, website and blog first, and the money to follow. It took me 18 months to start making reasonable money.
Very wet down here in Somerset, several local rivers have broken their banks. Looks more like an estuary now. Fortunately, I live up a small hill.
Wounds - a slow job. Stitches out but more work needed.
Meanwhile, keep charging.
Look after yourself.

I always enjoy your blog posts, Bux!

That's a great principle to have. It's so good to help others.

There are far too many people looking at the money, Bux, rather than going where their passion is. I think people forget that it takes time to build any business, whether it's online or offline. It's great that you are making reasonable money and within 18 months, well done!

We are very wet here, Bux, although I believe you are probably wetter than us. We have had so many floods this year, however, we have had lots of dry summers and now it's catch up time! I'm glad your protected.

Look after yourself and I hope that you will soon be back to normal.


Nicely done BUX, for a minute there I swear you were talking about me lol, what you said definitely hits home for me, as a newbie I thought you needed to find a niche that you thought would make you the most money & that other people would want, but as I tune into these blog conversations in the community & also going through the core training, I’m noticing it’s more about choosing a niche that you are not only passionate about but also have knowledge & experience with…it’s not just about what people want & or need, it’s more about what you can provide them that is of some great value to them…well spoken my friend thanks for that very important insight, us newbies definitely need this type of guidance through our journey here with WA..very useful thanks again 🙏🏽💯

Brilliant reply Jay, and I'm so glad it might help in a small way. You certainly seem to have tabs on what you need to do. Good luck with building a business and do use the WA community, we want to help.

So awesome, love it

Thanks again 🙏🏽

What you put out, you recieve.

This post contains some solid information, Bux. While many people say you can write about anything, I disagree. You should write about something you have at least a small amount of knowledge of or something you are passionate about, like a hobby. Writing about the field you work in is a good choice. I have thought about doing that, but I am not sure I could find enough about working as an office manager that people would read.


How to manage people and projects Nancy. That leads to people managing themselves. What hobbies and interests do you have. people always want to know how to be better leaders, especially if you include some anecdotes.


Very good information. As The Amazing Niche Master myself, I ask 4 questions.

1. What do you do when your not working?
2. What career are you in? Did you get any certifications?
3. What hobbies do you enjoy?
4. What life experiences were memorable? Sky diving, hang gliding, scuba diving, public speaking

The Best Niche List is a deadend. Don't go there because it's not you.

The most profitable niche is the one you know best. The example that I use is a person that spent his life pressure washing decks. That would be the most profitable for them.

Hope this helps. BTW Feel free to Google "The Amazing Niche Master".


Absolutely right Don. Write about something you know.
In fact, I know someone who was a deck hand on a super yacht, and he had some really good stories.

And those would be some good stories to read about. I had a friend who was working on an Arab Mega Yacht, The owner traveled with 2. One for him and the family, the other for his mistresses. The stories I heard, well put it this way, Yacht #2 was the party boat. Almost said the "Love Boat"!

I enjoyed your post. I started a hub on DIY I've always been doing things for myself. I worked for 35 years with the telephone co. so with them I did some electrical work I worked on power supplies and rectifiers and battery systems. So I know some electrical. I done pluming. I've don a lot of carpenter work I worked cutting logs . I built houses and cabins so I think I'm a good DIY person. If there is anything to be done around the house I always did it myself. I even repaired my own lawn mowers. snow machines and four wheelers. So my question is how do I make money with all this know how.

Start your blog with tips and tricks from all this mega experience. Follow the WA training and incorporate all this into your web blogs. How to do things, tools to use, do and don't stories. Just write one blog, and then write another and before you know it you will have dozens of articles and start to gather followers.

thanks for the info appreciate it
Now I have to decide how to do this blogging.

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