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AI JAIL TIME answers

Greetings fellow bloggers. Have you noticed that “jail” and “bail” both have AI in them.

After my recent question about avoiding WA jail, I’ve had lots of really informative answers and several comments asking for updates as to the right and wrong way to use AI in WA blogs. To start with, I was confused; but with a little help from WA members it has all become clear.

This is my interpretation of all the information that came in and the path that I will take with AI.


Do whatever you wish. Use AI within the limits of the law and enjoy yourself.


The WA blogs are intended as an inter-active and open arena of personal thoughts, interests and emotions, snippets of information and guidance that actually guides one to make informed decisions. People want to see the human side of what you have to say, to feel that it is another person that has written the article and not a bot that has produced a collection of facts that have simply been copy and pasted almost in their entirety.

The key words I picked up on were “” AI-created”” and “”AI-assisted””

So …


It seems that this is OK. After all, it is just a picture and many of us already upload photos from the web and include them in personal blogs.


It is not good practice to create blogs that are just copy and pasted words from AI derived sources without some thought about what the AI content is saying (or not).

AI bots will often create a blog for you with information gathered from around the web, but the bot will not judge what it is creating. That needs a human touch.

Also, there is concern that AI created information may give the impression that the WA member is an expert on the subject matter, when in fact they are not.

The example given was that I, a complete medical numpty, could have AI write an article about cancer and upload it. A reader, also a medical numpty, may look at this as expert advice and act on it accordingly and with detrimental effects on their well-being.

The question is … are we expert enough to be uploading this.


If we use AI to research information and then put this into our own words, using our own experiences, knowledge and emotions, then this is ok.

I asked myself - What is the difference between AI assisted and simply reading a book about something that interests me and then writing an article. There isn’t, we have all read books and magazines, searched on Google and goodness knows where else in order to update our knowledge before writing a blog.

This is ok. We have gathered information, applied our own knowledge and thought processes to it and then written an article that is predominantly “”in our own words””.

IN SUMMARY – for WA blogs

AI created blogs, with wholesale copy and paste should be avoided.

AI pictures are ok and …

AI assisted articles where the information has been re-written in your own words – this also is ok.

This is what I will be working to in the future and I would love to read your thoughts on my future modus operandi.


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Recent Comments


I would say that you are spot on with your analysis here Bux!

I use AI all the time on my websites, obviously tweak a few things before publishing, but on the platform I want to read from and converse with real people!

I hope the start of your week is going smoothly buddy!


A very pleasant afternoon with some nice company. Coffee always tastes better when you have someone to talk to.

Excellent to hear Bux and I couldn't agree more...

It always tastes much better with a shot of something a bit stronger in it too my friend!


I know Nick. But driving ...
I got plenty of practice in at Xmas though, a large bottle of Somerset mead went down a treat.

I would never advise one to drive after a large tipple Bux!!

Sounds like a great festive period if you can remember much after that my friend!!


Very true Nick. I never drink and drive, not even half a pint.
Mead is ok. Its 14%, very smooth and more-ish.

That's why I haven't owned a car for the last ten years Bux!!

Seriously, I don't need one here living in the city!

Smooth and more-ish is always good though!

I hope that your Tuesday has been going well my friend, take care ok!


Feeling a lot better today. See the surgeon on Thursday.
I thought about no car, but the last few weeks have shown its worth.
The big hospital is 35 miles each way with no direct buses between. need to catch 3 buses each way.
look after yourself my friend.

Great news buddy and I wouldn't be without a working vehicle living back there either!

Things are different here and it's an expense I don't need!

Sleep well my friend!


Aye aye. You too.


Perfectly stated, Bux, and I love the word “numpty!” So cool-sounding, but yet we don’t really use it in the USA. Lol 😎

Keep on Rockin’ it! 🤘
Frank 🎸

It used to be very common here. I can't do texting speak abbreviations. I need a course on getting up to speed.
I'll keep rocking my friend, you can be sure of that.
I've got Bowie songs in my head at the moment. having a Starman day. The bewley Brothers is still a favorite Bowie track for me.
Onward we go.

Hi Bux

Start routinely texting some of the younger people in your family if you want to learn all about the zillions of abbreviations. I can tell you, it's quite an education! Lol 😎

I love David Bowie, and his guitar player, Mick Ronson, really rocked!

I'm putting on some Bowie right now, Thanks!
Frank 🤘🎸

Oh yes, legendary.
Incredible talents.

Absolutely! 👍👍😎🎸

HI, Get Out Of Jail Bux! (LOL) I know this subject is confusing to everyone. I am noticing that they also use AI Authors on WA blog posts. It's supposed to be for your website, not for WA. Now I am starting to hate reading AI Author on WA blogs because they can't use GPT or Bard, so now they think they can use AI Author because it's AI "assisted." Technically, it is, but you still have to edit and put your spin on it. You wouldn't 100% post a total AI Author. People ought to edit and make sure they add their experience and their own words. I always include my personality and remove the AI redundancy. I talk to my audience like I do on WA comments.

People do not get it. I saw a newbie post on a very advanced subject using AI Author. Do they think that's ok? They have no experience whatsoever, yet Google insists we write helpful content and ensure we include the experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Of course, a new member joining the platform wouldn't know this. So they said they didn't know right, but it's clear what the rules say; it's black and white, so why do people make it gray??? Eh? Im stratching my head, what part they do not get??? Sorry, I'm going off on my Irish rant! 😀 At least I met the kvetching rule for the day (as my late husband used to say)

As far as WA blog posts go, members (some) have been using ChatGPT or others for months and just doing a copy/paste, not just AI Author recently...pretty easy to tell.

Yes I know I saw that too. So guess what? No matter what, people still don't follow the rules. Kyle bans GPT now they doing AI author, there no beating around the bush here. People always find a way to use AI on this platform.

100% in accord with you Brenda. I can hack the Irish bit, my ex-wife was irish and I'm sure that my fore-bears were from Tipperary many generations ago. Came over to England during the potato famine and worked in the Manchester cotton mills.
Thanks for your support. I like to feel a writer's personality too, its so important.

Of course it is Joe. even your horses could pick them out.
Thanks for commenting, appreciated.

Very true Brenda. I just want to have an e-chat with another person and feel their personality in the writing.
I know the course that I'm taking.

Thank you for this information. It is very helpful.

Glad it helped Cheryl. I thought I would share what I had learnt.
Take care now.

Sounds great Bux and a message hopefully many will absorb! Enough of the endless AI created and copied posts here. Hope you’re keeping well. :-)


Thanks Susan. Yes, I like to feel that I am reading about a person not a machine. We all do research, but then the rest is up to us to make it our own.
Not doing so well, damn stitches keep ripping open. I must slow down and recover properly. Never mind. My spirit is good.
Look after yourself.

Thanks, Bux. Sorry to hear about that! Maybe a little more rest is in order. Do take care. KFC awaits lol. :-)

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