My WA Experience so far (part 2)

Last Update: May 23, 2014

As most (maybe) of you may know, I was a previous member and had to leave for a few months. I have now returned and going back through the lessons (this blog is one of the tasks).

I basically started over with a new niche, new site, etc. I have been holding back a bit with participation here at WA (cause I feel a bit lost atm with so many new faces and not seeing some others I remember). Maybe I will start helping more like I did before.

My progress so far:

  • Rejoined
  • Started a new site
  • Currently have 6 posts, 5 pages
  • Bought the domain
  • transferred my site
  • etc

I don't know what else to say. I guess here is hoping for success this time around.

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Blessings44 Premium
So nice to see you around again Darlene! Welcome back and wishing you tons of success with round two! Lydia.
Gordi Premium
Good to see you starting to blog. You always gave great advice.
alexisnilo Premium
Welcome back Darlene, I remember you, I wish you success.
DarleneJones Premium
thank you
Carson Premium Plus
Hey Darlene, really great to have you back and to talk to you in Live Chat yesterday!

You've really accomplished a lot with your new site, so congrats on that! I look forward to checking it out at some point when you want some feedback!

Keep the momentum going, you're doing awesome!

DarleneJones Premium
TY Carson. I'll definilty share it with you soon
burnzy Premium
Good to have you back! I'm still very new to wa but have loved it so far. I'm on training level 2-5 and going strong. I wish you the best of luck here at wa and have a great day!
DarleneJones Premium
I made it to 2-10 so far. taking a little longer for me this time around