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No this isn't a ploy to get you to click this. This is my actual good bye, farewell, etc. I won't be back. Don't get me wrong WA is a great system, it just isn't for me. IM, AM, MLM ever changing and I can't keep up. I have too much going on and can't devote the time needed to put into something that I can't get a grasp on. I've been here long enough that something some have happened by now. but nothing. I am still going to stick to my passions, just not the web building part. I DO NOT want any
July 29, 2014
I just wanted to write this to apologize to my fellow members and followers for my absence. I have been working many hours (currently on day 8 of my 9 days in a row), plus I have moved to my permanent home. I haven't have much of a breather due to I am still washing, sorting, unpacking, etc. Even my site has been sorely neglected. I have had my hours cut a bit so I hope I can catch up with things here soon
June 29, 2014
We all seem to struggle with an internal game of tug of war. "How long should I keep trying? When do I say enough? When will my day come?" Does this sound familiar? It is something that I am always struggling with, as well as many other people. My words to you: DON'T GIVE UP!!! Eventually all the puzzle pieces will fall into place.
June 08, 2014
I just realized that 3 days ago was the 9 month mark that I joined this community. The (sorta) in the title is because I had to take an unexpected and unwanted vacation for WA. 9 months seems like a long time for some, but for me it seems like yesterday when I first found my referrers website and joined. In this nine month period, I have learned a lot about the online marketing world, WA, and most importantly MYSELF. I didn't think I could do this, make anything worthwhile. I admit I almost wal
June 03, 2014
Remember as a kid when you would stand at the edge of a pool and dip your toes in to test the water? Afraid to take that first dive? Well I know when I joined WA, I felt that way and I see every day the newer members being really apprehensive about taking that first dive into the WA learning. This is where we come in. Help the new member feel welcome and answer any questions they have and be patient with them. (no I am NOT implying that you aren't doing so). Get them engaged in the community, e
May 29, 2014
In loo of recent comments and blogs I have seen I thought I would bring back an oldie but good that I created. Enjoy :) view full sized image here
As most (maybe) of you may know, I was a previous member and had to leave for a few months. I have now returned and going back through the lessons (this blog is one of the tasks). I basically started over with a new niche, new site, etc. I have been holding back a bit with participation here at WA (cause I feel a bit lost atm with so many new faces and not seeing some others I remember). Maybe I will start helping more like I did before. My progress so far: Rejoined Started a new site Currently
As I wrote in my previous blog, I have returned but now, more than ever, have the determination to succeed. I have seen the bottom of the barrel and I never want to see it again. I have begun a new niche, one that is growing in popularity fast, got the basics of my site done (framework), have things written down for posts and already tons of research done and do more everyday. I have also just started a full time job (besides here) and am currently working on buying a house. I know I have a lon
May 06, 2014
Well, It was a wild ride the last couple of months. Just to summarize was has been going on, here is a brief run down: Lost our household income Lost our home Moved in with friends Started from ground zero Fight some major depression Gained income back Looking for a place of our own and last but not least.......Came back here to begin again. There is a lot of other stuff too but I don't wanna bore you with details. In short, I'M BACK!!!!! Let get things rolling again!!!
December 07, 2013
No this isn't a fake post like some have done. I unfortunatly cannot keep my WA account open for a bit (not saying why). So in a few days I won't be around. I will keep working on my site anyway I can. TY to those that helped me these last couple days (you know who you are). I have a couple peoples email so I can keep in touch that way, plus fb, G+, etc. So I wish you all the best success and hope to see you again in the future. PS. Beverley, keep those graphics coming. I want emails. lol Rich,