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Last Update: April 24, 2016

If you read my last blog you know that I've been going through some poor mental health issues. I am happy to say now that I was able to see a psychiatrist finally, and she's switching me to Prozac. So far, so good! I'm even tweaking one of my websites and am almost ready to start writing again.

The psychiatrist couldn't have come at a better time; I recently found out I'm pregnant again. This is baby #6 for me, and completely unplanned. Read on:

My husband had a vasectomy after our 4th boy was born. It failed and I became pregnant with baby boy #5, born 3/3/15

During my c-section to remove baby #5, I underwent a tubal ligation (aka: tubes tied) to prevent another oopsie baby, making doubly sure we would not have another!

All precautions taken, right? We have done our duty to keep our family at its current size and I felt very secure in engaging in unprotected shenanigans with my husband :-)

That sense of security proved to be false. At the explanation of my doctor, occasionally after a tubal ligation, a small fistula of tissue can grow around the ends of the cut tubes and in essence cause them to reconnect, allowing an egg through to be fertilized.

My husband's vasectomy has obviously not become more effective over time. These odds are astronomical, and I can't help but think God has big plans for this baby, due in November.

We have a 3 bedroom house and a van that seats 7. Bigger house, bigger car are needed! I even set up a GoFundMe page and shared it on my Facebook (link to my Facebook page on my profile, if you're at all inclined... lol)

I know I can handle this, but I am still in shock! I'm still optimistic that I'll be able to write regularly once again as soon as the new meds reach full effectiveness.

Thanks for reading if you got this far! I hope everyone is doing spectacularly!

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RoopeshG Premium
Congrats and all the best to you guys!!
KatieMac Premium
Certainly a lot to take on board for you all I hope things all go well for you all whilst children are rewarding and a blessing they are hard work to however being organized certainly makes the difference, take care and look forward to hearing of your miracle baby
Ericabried Premium
Hi Dara, there's no doubt that this baby is just meant to be! Have missed your blogs and hope your new meds will be effective.
RobinHudson Premium
Hi Dara! Congratulations?! You have to believe it is Divine intervention right....and so a blessing for you and your family! Glad you found someone to talk to!
MohdAnwar Premium
It seems God's special blessings to you and your family.