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Last Update: August 23, 2017

All my life I have always wanted to help the homeless and today when I was watching a documentary on homelessness it's hit me....... I can finally use something Im doing to help.

At the moment I'm brainstorming how I can do this using WA! Exciting stuff!

Many times I have helped the homeless in my local area or places I have visited and some people frown upon giving money etc.

I often get around this by buying them food or stuff they need ie shoes or sleeping stuff. But this is not enough! I want to help more.

I want to find a way to make it that people can buy accommodation for someone they meet on the street. Want it that they can book online and then tell the person a code or something to then use to go stay at their accommodation.

I'm not sure at the moment how I will be able to do this but any advise or help would be welcome!!!

Homeless struggle as people don't want to aid their drug habit if they give them money but they need money for accommodation so they get stuck in a loop of no accommodation. I want to see an end to this but I just don't fully know how I can at the moment but with these resources I must be able to some how!?

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MAstick Premium
I have a huge problem with giving money too. Just feeds their habit. I have looked into buying a small motel and convert it into a place for homeless and specifically military veterans. I sought government assistance as a nonprofit entity, but the paperwork and all the hoops to go thru is demoralizing and exhaustive. I'm still looking at the situation too Dani.
Daniiket Premium
Well maybe we can brainstorm together :) I think this not giving money thing needs to be tackled as if we could find a way to make it that people could give without handing the money over I think more people would want to help out!
I think I will get in contact with a local hostel to get their thoughts on it as if there was a way to do something that would work it would be great :)
ChristinaT10 Premium
I love the idea Dani! That's a very noble idea, and the problem of homelessness is huge. Every little bit helps!
I would say get out there and speak to those that are homeless and (with their permission) create a profile with their story on your site for people to see, and keep it updated. You're right, trust is always an issue when people give money - maybe this will help.
Good luck and keep us updated on your progress!
Daniiket Premium
already way a head of you :) I have street friends I talk with and only spoke to one today about how we can find ways to help etc.... we plan to meet up soon to brainstorm.
The idea of putting up a site with stories is great to make people aware individual stories.... could even maybe add to that and have it that people can do a giving page to each person etc?! It all just brainstorming ideas but food for thought thanks :)
kevinat59 Premium
Wow. You dont pick the easy ones do you?

I recommend searching around for how to help the homeless. There should be lots of info on that and you should find some inspiration there.
Daniiket Premium
Lol no I don't but its my biggest passion!!! My daughter is so used to going to get food and give to our street friends that she will remind me if we don't!!
Wish everyone viewed homeless like a child! (wow that could be my website.....Homeless in a child's eyes!!!) Thanks' or that!!
I'm researching all the time about it and will continue to until I'm ready to start the website.
MKearns Premium
This can be a great niche and site Danielle. Here is an idea of one aspect of content to address.
TheDummyOfWA Premium
That is awesome Mike!!!..Just checked your link out! )
Daniiket Premium
Thanks someone else pm me with this :)
AnthonyMLM Premium
Good idea focus more on the providing thing they need for survival , yes nobody want to supply their habits, but there are lots of things to for them other wise. I know in my community we focus more on teen, I never would thought that there are so many teen that are homeless so that another good area as well, good luck on your journey
Daniiket Premium
Thanks :)
From my experience in social care there are sadly lots of older teens on street as they are no longer carer by social services and left to get on with it!!! :( Not on! but that's another area!

I can understand addiction when you feel no one cares but this is not true and we as a world!! need to show people in this situation that they are carer about!!

sadly no one person can change the world so I'm going to start something that hopefully will snowball to something that helps many :)